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Human life is now 100 years. It is not too late to create new life

Hello, everyone.
Thank you for applying for Ku Healing on September 13th.

Well, this time, I will introduce various reasons why humans’ lives don’t improve. I think that it is not what you guess because it is the real cause found from the high dimensional world .

But, if you understand the cause and know how to deal with it, there is no scary thing in life any longer.  I am accepting my natural character and what I am not good at because I understood myself and causes by receiving MV various sessions and Ku Healing.

It is said that we live to 100 now. I also read the best selling “Life Shift” in Japanese.  Now that the times have changed, and do you have a life strategy for you? What do you really want?  After I read the book, I am more thankful to Maaya and Shin and I am glad that I could find MV.

I chose such a blog so that everyone can live your own life vigorously. I hope this will help you.

Trauma and Family Karma

What you are not good at and you are suffering, the same pattern that repeats every time, it is hard to get out by yourself, such as walls that you feel higher…

“Why does it happen?”

If you understand the answer, it is like you solved half.
When we steadily remove what you are not good at in this life, we become as if we returned to our childhood and our possibilities will spread 360 degrees.

You can be anybody you want.  Even now it is not late!

Certain mental symptoms or some physical symptoms and things repeated in life … They are not all the same cause, nor are they the only cause..

That’s why you can’t improve anything even if you only exhale, you burn incense, do religious things to your ancestors, meditation, training, get on with fighting and guts, and read only books and blogs.

What surrounds one human being is that it has various things.:Energy of the family (karma), memory of the soul, quality, maturity, karma, the environment of your residence, the influence from people who are always nearby, the influence of work, special energy influence, emotion, consciousness, thought, memory of the past, brain, body, energy field, imprinting by words, influence of radio waves · · ·

How you understand many things is important and it is the key to how to cope with each.  Anyway, wisdom is necessary.

My quest will continue to have plenty of wisdom in the future, but now I am able to have a wonderful wisdom because I have continued to explore this kind of things. So, Just by talking to people, just by looking at the first glance, just by talking a bit, just by listening to your life so far, I can see the cause immediately.

Humans do not know the cause, they can’t change themselves. They practice inaccurate methods, and they are just feeling they changed.

Therefore, I think that those who can tell the causes of the original will be appreciated.


In the future as well, the quest, research, and experiment will continue so that Maaya Village can become “thankful presence” for you.

“Why can you be so passionate? What is the motive to move you?”

Motivation is very simple.

I was born to the earth. Living more comfortably here is great, isn’t it? 😛 and it is more fun if such people increase? 😉 


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 7. 2013

By the way, I started FB individually (I just opened an account with Kaoru Macho.)
I do not know the fun and usage of FB honestly. How are you enjoying it?