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Feedback from those who took the “Brain Treatment”.

Hello everyone.
How was the “Ku Healing” on 23rd September?  We are currently accepting orders for “Ku Healing” in October.

Well, the “Ku Healing ” is also popular in Japan, but  “Brain Treatment ” is also very popular. As there are limited seats, the seats are sold out in 15 minutes from the launch every time. Recently I took a video shot (an Australian business person who works at a global company took the Brain Treatment), so I will introduce it soon.

Well then let me introduce some of the impressions of the Brain Treatment.

Feedback from those who took the “Brain Treatment”


It is like a different feeling from my previous brain at all. I do not think about the unnecessary things in the past, and I feel like I am handling the situations on the spot so as not to carry over later. Even though I do the same chores as I have, my body moves fast, so I have much time.


Starting with the Brain Treatment last month, my daughter ‘s constipation has improved , and things becoming emotional have diminished. I’m really full of gratitude. I became be able to cope things more calmly than before and I can understand the change.


Thank you very much for the previous Brain Treatment. Though I did not report my condition from me, you noticed that my right eye was bad and you treated it. Until then, I sometimes felt pain in the right shoulder, right eye, right side of the head, but almost no feeling of pain thanks to it. Thank you very much.


My gloomy feelings around my throat and chest has been cleared 😀  I became very easy to live! I am busy and moving energetically in a good meaning that I do not have time to worry. It is fun to be alive. My work is also fun. At the workplace I talk a lot more pleasantly than before (* ^ – ^ *) Thank you very much ^ ^


With the Brain Treatment and “Ku Healing”, everyone is getting healthier, richer, smarter and lighter.

From Maaya’s JP blog on April 25 2017