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How to handle energy

While people have “true desire or wish”, people also have “official ostensible face”.

Today I perceived heavy energy from a man, so I would like to write how to direct and handle energy.


This man has various healthy desires as greed, possessions, self-assertive, cupidity and lust to dominate and so on. At the same time, he has ideals, like a noble life, a cool life, doesn’t want to lose, wealthy life, etc…

However, even if he gets a chance to fulfill his desires comes up, he won’t be able to reach out his hand honestly.

In his mind, he’s thinking “I don’t want to lose, but I would like to keep it in my hand if I can benefit from it.”  That’s why he can’t say “I don’t want the chance,” so clearly.

Starting to think of how people look or rate him, he can say neither “YES” nor “NO”.  His “true” self is starting to fight with his “official” self.

In brief, he is stepping on a brake pedal and an accelerator pedal strongly at the same timThe energy generated from the friction will FLY (vanish).


In short, it is energy leakage.

As you don’t use the energy you generated efficiently,  you can’t achieve your goal, and things you would like to attract won’t come close to you.In addition, if you keep having inconsistent feeling and energy, it will create heavy notions.

Later, it will cause “energy inflation, energy puddles and energy stagnation”.


Then, a physical breakdown will occur like face and body swelling, developing an extreme pot-belly, gaining weight rapidly, getting tired easily and so on.

Sometimes various troubles shall befall you.

What you would like to truly do, what you would like to obtain, and what you truly value in your life…


If those match your core perfectly and you are stable, it will be no energy puddles and no energy leakage.
If you are honest in both of true yourself and official yourself and it is united, your energy will move to one direction.
If you would like to accomplish your desires, I think understanding these is the most reliable and fastest method.


The important thing is that you listen to and gratify your true desires and feelings fully.


If you compare your true desire with “ Appearances, Moral, Common Sense and Right or Wrong” and endure too much, it will only bring a hard life to you.

From Maaya’s original blog on Sep. 14 2014