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Mostly there are two patterns of human beings in the world-It is the key to replace whole thought-

Hello everyone,
Thank you for the application to “Ku Healing”. The deadline is Saturday, September 2 at 10:00AM in Japan time!

By the way, the site is Maaya’s blog who sense invisible 波動(Hado in Japanese. Vibration), but she is not telling that only spiritual power is important. She is warning “fluffy spiritual”. We live in this three dimensional world, so she says that the width we can go higher and lower is important to enjoy our lives here. For that, raising the level of consciousness is necessary as well as removing earth-specific brainwashing,  and effort using head wisely is necessary.

In my case, although I tried hard everything, but I only made effort with low point of view. In addition to that, I didn’t observe situations around me, and even though time has changed I didn’t update things, and I kept hold my ways and postures…. Consequently, my life didn’t improve. I am on the way to replacement of brain and fix of thoughts. (My head is stiff, so actually it is taking time(^^;)
In such days, sometimes I realize “Ah, I am thinking differently unlike before” “I am acting differently unlike before”, and my change is a baby step, but it’s fun!

“Ku Healing” is good to raise your level of consciousness and transformation of thought habits.

Well, we received an email from a woman who attended 寺子屋(Terakoya. Seminar). Maaya replied to the email. It will be helpful for you, too. Please read below.

Thank you for 寺子屋(Terakoya)

I decided to participate in 寺子屋 for achieving desires, but I noticed I didn’t have true desire or hope. I became vacant, and it was strange feeling.  It’s fine but it’s not great. I was feeling scary of time was passing.  In a good way, various things I had ever crashed!

Sounds great!
You got out from brainwashing from the society and others. Like that, when you get out from low, heavy, childish common sense, idea and theory which covered by the earth, your conscious level goes up at a stretch.
However, at the same time, previous how to live and think is stuck, so you may think “How should I live from non on?” temporarily. But you can find it while having fun. The more you understand “law of the universe”, the less you feel scare. Therefore you must be able to enjoy it.

I think I got a big difference from those who trying to make effort to be succeed recklessly or tying to be succeed depending on spiritual energy only.

Yes, you got a gap completely. In the world, most of human beings are the two types.

One day, I had a chance to talk with a person who has spent depending only an invisible world, and I was surprised. I think she can’t have satisfactory life without replacing her whole head.

We need minimum effort as a human being such as using head and device.

From Maaya’s JP blog on August 30. 2017