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The same stumbling every time? Is the cause inherited from your ancestors?

Hello, everyone.
How do you think about “your ancestors”?
In Japan, because there is a family register system, it is possible to investigate the roots to a certain extent, but in the United States etc. where there is no family register system, it seems that some  sites to investigate the roots is popular. Have you used such kind of site?

Well, this time, I would like to introduce Maaya’s blog with “ancestor” related to all human beings born on this earth as a key word.

Something like; I am not good at it, I am suffering, the same patterns that repeat every time, walls that I can’t break through … I think you have these things.

“Why it happens” Do you know the cause?  Causes are different from person to person.

Maaya Village tells us our causes and how to deal with them.

Please read the below for your reference.

Trauma and Karma of family

In secret products, there is something that turns the family karma strongly. Everyone has made a big change one after another.

It seems that once the problem which could not be solved came out on the surface, such as:
they couldn’t overcome it due to various things passed down (there are various things such as ancestral spirit, energy, imprinting, thinking pattern) from generation to generation , they could not do anything by themselves, such as tramping in the same place every time in their lives of decades. Then, they headed towards resolution.

People who had an unusual disgust against the opposite sex had encounters with the favorite opposite sex.

There were things that one was not good at all due to the effects of the events when one was young, which caused abnormal narrowing of one’s learning, richness, behavior, and the width of one’s life, but found resolutions.

One first learned that one was keeping the wonderful people, work, events and opportunities away from oneself, or letting go , because of one’s own inferiority complex and low self-esteem.

From Maaya’s blog on June 7. 2013

What did you think?
If you know the cause, you can think about how to deal with it. However, causes vary from person to person.  In the next blog, I will introduce various reasons surrounding humans.