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Notice about rejuvenating cosmetics -1 –

Hello, everyone.
In this English blog, I didn’t mention “rejuvenating cosmetics” planned to be announced in the future, but at Terakoya (seminar) I received a lot of voices of “waiting!”, so I will inform you here.

“Baby cream”? What a nice sounding word.
Baby’s skin is fresh and you will want to touch baby’s skin.
Besides not only improving our skin, but also increases our abilities… I am looking forward to such a cosmetic,  too.

 News #1

First rejuvenation cosmetic series
“Baby cream (temporary name)”
I was thinking of restarting the cosmetic project in earnest when Terakoya (seminar)on September 9 was over.

The cream will be released at the end of this year at the earliest, or maybe next year.
I myself, a person who does not want to put strange things on my face or body, and when I start studying these things such as skin and cosmetics, more I don’t want to apply cream and I haven’t continued to apply “baby cream” on my face and body yet as an experiment.

However, I wanted to do some experiments, and I asked a person to apply the “baby cream” on her neck and shoulders.

How! From that day, she started to think fast and surprised people.

It seems that 100% energy came to circulate so far that only three-tenths of energy to the brain went around.
So, in fact, it is not only “rejuvenation” but also it is good for businessman, student, who “want to be capable”.


What is that experiment …
(There are many clients who have a certain problem)
Those who have that problem have stiff shoulder and neck, so I wanted to unravel the tension there and I wanted to improve the flow of blood flow, mind and energy.

Then, “brain power ” increased, so, she transformed into a capable person. .

  • Rejuvenation
  • Brain power up

It is a cream that can expect quite a lot of things.

From Maaya’s JP blog on September 13 2017