Why public methods have no effect? ~~The core~~

Why I could escape from interference of various worlds and I became strong against other energies.

Why I could understand the structure of invisible world deeply and can handle my consciousness more.

In addition to that, why I could change my life stage.

Why I could found out the below by myself

“The law of getting stable and wealthy life”

“The law of making things success”

“Copying a frequency”

“Remote HADO”

“Cleansing XXXXX

“Fixing objects by my consciousness”

“Transformation of family tree energy”

“The past –transcendence”

“Reboot yourself ( Remove your trauma)”

“Discarding your trash on chakra, and activate the chakra”

“Repair of brain” etc. (There are a lots of things I can do)

…is because, I grasped the “core”.


Various topics they had experienced came up during my sessions.  

Then, I started to think “Why public methods have no effect at all?”.

In my own way I gave the answer:  “ Ah, public old worlds, superficial worlds and low-level of consciousness worlds have not grasped the core of the structure of the universe and earthlings, etc. Therefore, they look brilliant, respectable and wonderful but they don’t have power to improve. Their theories don’t hold.

That is to say, they have not grasped the core.

Actually, the core does not exist in the worlds. However, people wish for only leaves and fruits( results), but everything prove failures.

You efforts won’t pay off without the “core”.

Regardless of the change of times, countries, man or woman, occupations, you are on this planet in the space.  All of you have one body with consciousness, feelings, etc…

Therefore, if you only understand deeply the” core” of these structure, the reality you want will come up in front of you whenever, wherever, with whomever, any circumstances.

I tried and used the core theory and changed my reality. Then, now I deliver the core to you… It is Maaya Village 🙂

~~~From Maaya’s origial JP blog on Feb. 7, 2014~~~