What do we need to rise IQ , work and learning efficiency?

Hello, everyone. Tomorrow is the Ku Healing day. (Also, tomorrow you will be able to apply for Ku Healing for October)

Besides “Ku Healing” , “Brain Treatment ” is also popular in Japan.

Everyone who applied for “Ku  Healing” will receive the distant it all at once, but “Brain Treatment” is the treatment of each person. Here in Japan, the seats for the “Brain Treatment” are sold out in 15 minutes from the start of application at MV online shop every time.

Currently, you can apply only from this Japan’s web site, so I would like to create a system that will allow everyone to receive the treatment soon in the future.

Today, I would like to introduce the feedback from whom applied for the “Brain Treatment”.

My husband changed drastically with “Brain Treatment”

Hello! Thank you always!

Let me tell you about my husband. In September I applied for the “Brain Treatment” for my husband for the first time. Since the change was so wonderful, I think I’m sorry for that amount of money. Thank you very much.

My husband used to be get cranky when breakfast was late, and used to be get angry when our dog barked.

Also he used to become angry that the water was gathering in the soap case in the bathroom, and he used to get angry about the fact that the kitchen was dirty. He seemed cranky at all times.

Even though he talks to me, all is pointed out to me to me, such as” Clean that”,“—is noisy” and “—doesn’t clean “.  It was rare that he showed a smile to me.

I have not seen his smile for long.  After all, I have not been trying to bring out the smile of my husband! The brain of my husband had a lot of complaints to me. It was in a state where frustration overflowed at once by a stimulation even a little. That was improved. He started to smile often. Even if the mealtime is delayed a little, he doesn’t make a bad face. He is now also gentle against—, he plays the ball with —. (He had never played before). Even if the kitchen and the room are somewhat messy, it does not make him feel bad. What I think is amazing is that he doesn’t watch much TV now.

Now he is sitting on a rocking chair in the morning and evening, listening to music and watching the garden.  It is a great change with only one brain treatment.

For the cleaning of  his brain, it can be imagined that it was hard.

Is it like a dirty kitchen ventilation fan that has not been cleaned for years? I think he was crowded with negative emotions. I can not say I can use the treatment because I do not have enough money. I really appreciate it.

>It like a dirty kitchen ventilation fan that has not been cleaned for years

Yes, it is. I cleaned it, so his brain had a margin.

Garbage in the brain? I think that the dirt had been sticking for many years and his brain did not function properly.

Because there was no room in his head, he was irritated, angry, got nervous at small things and couldn’t allow everything.

There was no space in his head such as playing with pet and spending quiet time with relax.

If the brain doesn’t have room, the conscious dimension will not rise and IQ will not rise as well.  Work efficiency and learning efficiency will not rise.

If people in the world can use your own head more comfortably with MV “Brain Treatment”, their lives and the quality of the whole earth will also rise.


From Maaya’s JP blog on October 19. 2016