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When causes of high dimensional side are fixed, one’s fortune,money and relationship improves #2

A great thing happened to me yesterday as well.

I went to shopping to buy something with my girlfriend, and the shop staff set the price I expected, but when I went to pay, was told that 45,000JPY would be deducted if I proceeded… so I did!

In addition to that the payment got cheaper than it was before.
Both of us enjoyed the day.

I am so excited for my life to get better and better.
I am glad that I took your session. Thank so much.


Yes, it is just a beginning, (From now on, wonderful things will happen in succession and your luck will get better). This is proof that the door to the happy field has opened.

At such times, the events occurring to him serve as an important message as well.

It is a message from space-time, fortune, field and the universe: “Welcome to the happy field!”


If I add the message:

           “Those chances have been by your side, but just you hadn’t noticed.

Finally, you are ready to live in here. I am glad. I am pleased. Welcome on board!”


The luck which wouldn’t happen if one didn’t go to the shop at that time. String of luck.

Lucky people and those who live in a happy field live that way every day.

 The way of living: unlucky people and those who live in unhappy field look the same, but their streams of lives are fully different.


Any event links to great things for one, so it’s very interesting!

Such flows occur to me very often, as well.



So far, his money, work, stability, prosperity, timing, fortune, chances and relationships has been sucked up. His quality of his life will change from then onwards.

Taking this as an opportunity, he can change his unhappy, poor, unlucky and spendthrift lifestyle, to one which is filled with happiness, luck, success, richness, and willingness to help.

Then, he would get used to such things after a while.

Lucky days will become “natural” to him.


If one person, as an individual, become a happy character, live in a happy field and become a lucky person, your consciousness will influence your descendants, yourself in another life (time axis) and people on the earth. The influence will be multidimensional.

You will affect them just as if you were emitting happy vibes.

MV is expanding the scope of its consciousness to this extent.

Your luck is not only for yourself, but also for the past, the future, the whole universe and all dimensions.


Earthlings, please be happy with all your heart.


You may be too familiar with  an unhappy field, it may not ring a bell, but actually, an unhappy fields exists on only this earth.

Viewing from the universe, it is “hell”. I can say that hell field.


Such a chance does not appear often.

(since you are born on this earth)

Please move to a happier field while you are alive.

It will make a world of difference in later life; in the life of the universe and the life of one’s soul 😀


The End.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 30 2017

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