It’s hard to get information on one’s family-tree #3

“To those that would like to receive MaayaVillage’s secret goods … (cards for gra–s)”


This card is to approach from an unprecedented dimension on the earth.


This card is my proud product and it is exceptional.

“Transform the energy on one’s family tree” isn’t art that anybody can produce.


Because it is Maaya Village’s dimension, it’s possible to transform the energy of one’s family tree.

If a handler’s understanding is immature, conscious dimension is low, lack of energy and the dimension a handler can treat is low, the handler will be affected by the energy and information of one’s family tree.


It means, because of your “energy and information of family tree”, if one is involved in that badly, one may be affected: trouble, unlucky, misfortune, sick, injury, accident, divorce, discord with people, problem in personality, strange thinking, being hopeless about money, no strength and energy, can’t stay in a company longer, depression, mental disorder and life is dark and heavy…


Therefore, as an insurance for the risk, we set minimum price for that.

However, this work is highly risky, so I only provide this secret card for people who take MV session and need the card. (Though there is nobody who don’t need the card)


I don’t feel like to be involved in the karma (energy and information) of whom I don’t know and who don’t understand Maaya and Maaya Village.

There are families which take over “worst energy of family tree” among human beings.

Then, there is a case that the person see the weight and difficulty of “energy and information of family tree” lightly.

Also, there is a case that they are selfish and relying to others : “Maaya, please make it cheaper and faster!”

I would like to tell such people “I didn’t make your family tree bad condition, so please get a hold of yourself”,

I would like them to understand the difficulty of dealing with “worst energy of their family tree” and we confront it together readying for “worst case scenario, we may be affected by it. However we would like to make you in front of us lighter!


Yes, I would like all of you to understand it.


We give a hand to your underlying cause readying for being influenced by your energy and information of your family tree. Then, we set the price as cheap as possible thinking of your financial situation.

Most of “method of dealing with energy and information of family tree” in this world is to approach low dimension such as 霊界(Re Kai in Japanese. One of the worlds dead people go) and 神界(Shin Kai in Japanese, One of the worlds dead people go), but zero of their price is more than Maaya Village’s one.

And they can’t solve your underlying cause because they can approach your cause only from low dimension.


Being involved in the cause by low dimension, the possibility of being influenced is high, so there are many specialists who ruin own body, cause bad lack and troubles and mental disorder and spend zonked life.

With the low dimensional approach, only money continues to cost, and heavy, dark, hard and poor life will last.


Viewing the world, I have never seen those who or groups deal with “energy and information of family tree” with true high dimensional consciousness and high dimensional energy.


That’s why I can say proudly that” You are glad that you could meet Maaya Village”


I think you thought many time “I’ve had enough this flow, this weight, this quality, this loop and this life!”


You couldn’t solve no matter what you did, that’s why you know more the difficulty of piled up stagnation, blockage and turbidity.

The burden to confront “energy and information of family tree” by alone is too heavy.

Being able to approach the energy and information of your family tree is “miracle”.

I can provide this secret goods to only those who have some connections to MV.

I create “Card for Grave” to fix the energy and information of your family tree and for you to be lighter, brighter, more lucky, wealthier and healthier.
Please make this card useful for your life.


-Maaya, Founder of Maaya Village

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 17 2017