Full Brain Power by healing
    Your “Brain Power” determines your life stage!

We started remote brain treatment in 2016.

When your brain power improves…

Memory, concentration, creativity, understanding, judgement, determination and mathematical ability will be raised up. (It is different from person to person)

What I had faced many people and thought:
The brains of which people have problems are not working well.

Condition that brain power is weak
・Can’t gather own thoughts in head.
・Can’t put thoughts into words and can’t deliver it to others.
・Can’t read easy books.
・The ability to understand what others say is poor.
・Always feeling out of it.
・Thinking is slow.
・Memory is bad.
・Make mistakes often.
・Repeat similar mistakes often.
・Being irritated or getting hysterical easily.
・Habit to cling to one thing(stubborn)
・Can’t do several things at the same time.
・No motivations. Tend to be depressed.
・Sleep disorder or organs are disordered.
・Panic disorder or psychosomatic disease
・Auditory hallucination or visual hallucination. Etc.

Leaving the conditions, we can’t do further development or skill up.
We would like to blossom own “brain power” to improve the quality of life, study, job and relationship 100%.

According to Maaya Village’s observation, we found out that there are several reasons why your brains are not functioning well.
The reasons are MV can cope with.
Let us introduce the causes a bit…

・Trauma(PTSD) or home environment when you were a child.
・Stress over the years or transient strong stress.
・Energy of repressed feelings you piled up too much.
・In case of that something ghost interferes your brain.
・Harmful effects by energy healing or kingdoms you touched before.
In addition to that, according to our latest research.
・Others’ brain wave motion…
Our brains are machines like computers.
What will be if bad quality of electric waves or various wave motions mingle and be confused?
If intense energy continues to send, internal pressure will be high and causes thermorunaway. Won’t be?
If they have old data to be filled capacity and virus spreads, surely it will be slower.


We help you to improve your “brain power” to be able to work hard, study smoothly, conduct mental activity healthily and have good human relationships.


We used the art in “Trauma Reset” program, but we hope that you can improve “brain power” easily and take the treatment often, and launched this reasonable program.


The effect is great even just one time, but if you have many stress, you are easy to save stress, you would like to use your head powerfully and improve abilities more, you had better take the program regularly.

Yes, this is “Brain Treatment”!.
※In case that you are possessed by something ghost, it takes time to uninstall energy you were related or energy you received healing works before. Also, it needs counselling, so in that case, we will take it in “Personal session”, “Reborn Program Half” or “Reborn Program Full”.


Main treatment parts
・Frontal lobe
High dimensional function of perception, voluntary,  movement, thinking and memory, etc.

・Temporal lobe
Processing information of sound, color and shape

An organ governs memory and spatial learnning.  Long-term psychological stress atrophies Hippocampus.
Shrinkage of the hippocampus is shown in PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depressive psychosis patients.
When β endorphin(One of hormone) is secreted and A10 nerve system activates, long term memory in Hippocampus enhances.

Its role in emotional learning and memory. It stores especially fear memory.

Maintenance of balance and posture. Production of smooth movement and prompt hand and leg movement

We treat whole brain. Sometime we remove unnecessary energy from ears and eyes.


◆Brainstem Treatment
We treat the parts below.
It controls reflex actions such as vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and swallowing. It also manages autonomic functions such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

・Pituitary gland
It secretes hormones that act on the adrenal glands, and thyroid gland

A section of the brain responsible for the production of many of the body’s essential hormones which help control different cells and organs. The hormones from the hypothalamus govern physiologic functions such as temperature regulation, thirst, sleep and mood, etc


【Expected effects】
・Memory and concentrations will be improved.
・Leaning ability will be improved and you will be clever gradually.
・You will be work smartly and smoothly.
・The range of you can work will be widen.
・You will be able to understand things wise and smart people say.
・Conscious dimension and IQ will be improved.
・Eyestrain will be reduced.
・Blockage of neck and shoulders will be reduced.
・It will be not a hassle to use head and read books.
・You will be able to feel always well and light.
・You will get energy to work, learn, live and associate with people.
・Feelings of fear, anxiety, worry and sorrow will be soften.
・Body and mind disorders by stress will be soften.
Also, you will see various other effects.


◆Due to the nature of the technique, effect is not guaranteed. There is difference in how you feel the treatment and endurance of the treatment.

◆Maaya Village is not a medical institution. We decline who is taking severe mental medicine. If you have brain problem physically and have diagnosis by a doctor and medical treatment, please apply on your own responsibility after consulting with your doctor.

Please feel free to contact us  with questions about orders, programs or products