『Mikobyo: Sharman’s sickness

It is said that mental and physical disorder in the process of being a shaman.


In type of calling to be shaman, mental and physical disorder is regarded as an important step and it develops often during adolescence. According to Wiki, “the symptoms are fever, auditory hallucination, dreaming of gods, and in advanced serious case, coma, disappearance, psychosis, behavior disorder”, but it would differ from person to person.  Also, the symptoms are known and similar globally.

(There are many people who has mental illness or brain disease among the people who has the symptoms. Especially, it is very similar to schizophrenia, and the difference between fubyo and schizophrenia may be unclear for the non-professional eye. How to identify is whether their speech is “logical” or not. Actually, there are many people who believes in such a mysterious world blindly and misunderstand their real disease, and walk the path to social outcast, unadapted people and disabled person.)


In Shamanism, it is regarded that the illness which results when god chooses a new shamanic candidate. Also, it is regarded that it is difficult to decline to being, and there are cases that they die by abnormal actions for refusing the calling. If they try to spend normal life, somehow troubles occur and they can’t keep spending standard life.


It is said that Fubyo is eased by working according to god’s instructions and wills. It is believed that a candidate will be completed as a shaman by overcoming the sickness. Thus, if they decided to accept the calling by gods, spirits, or cosmic wills, the symptoms will go away incredibly. Also, it is said that shaman who overcame Fubyo can possess a divine spirit and deliver message on behalf of the spirit, but once shaman quits the work as shaman, Mikobyo will appear again.


Shaman in Japan

Yuta, Noro (in Okinawa prefecture), Itako, Gomiso (in Aomori prefecture), Tusukur (in Ainu) etc.

(It is said that Japanese Himiko and Franch Jeanne d’Arc are shaman.)

◆Call: Being called by divine spirit, and to be shaman almost forcibly without own will. Suddenly one day, mental and physical disorder (Fubyo) appears. Can’t be shaman wishing to be, but once chosen, it is difficult to decline to be.

◆Training:To train yourself and study at your own will.

◆Heredity: Chosen by family line. It is believed that spiritual nature and character to be inherited.

In my case, typical symptoms: fever, auditory hallucination, dreaming of gods, and in advanced serious case, coma, etc. , did not appear, but the experience of getting out of the scope of three dimension at 10 is a trigger. Various notions, energy, and spirits started to interrupt me when I was 14 years old, and it was getting worse between my latter teenage and early twenties. For about 20 years until I connected to the space of cosmic pure consciousness, it had kept interfering with me every day.


Meanwhile, it was very difficult to spend normal life, and I had overcome it with my mental strength. It’s terrible period for me, and I will never, ever go back to the time!


Previously, I shared the information in MV event: some conscious entity interfere with a human being who has some sort of nature, and let her/him speak or act without her/his will… Some religions start like that way.


I guess that most of the people who is Fubyo has a constitution of receiving easily, inspiration and medium.Easily receive constitution is like a sensitive radio receiving set, and it caches any energy and information.


Spirits, consciousness, people’s thoughts and feelings are like an electrical wave. What will be if you keep receiving from morning to night? Various noise will interrupt you, and you will be modulated all the time, won’t you.


In my case, my reception may too strong and my sensor catches wide scope of frequency. Energy and frequency of something spirits and Japanese Shinkai world does not much my antenna. Those energy and frequency is heavy, harsh and makes me feel unhappy, and it is uncomfortable for me. (Actually, I couldn’t understand people who devoted in Japanese Shinkai world, etc.)


Therefore, I wanted to go away from the frequency and energy, and I kept extending my antenna higher and higher seeking my comfortable frequency and energy, thinking any dimension and any location in the universe is fine if it is comfortable for me.


Finally, one day, I found out that. Since then, I have not been interfered with anything at all. I connect my antenna to the comfortable space locating my body on this planet. I can keep myself and my sensor comfortable with this way. Now, I continue MV activities to deliver this comfortable high dimensional energy and frequency to you on the earth.


This HADO(wave motion) will be delivered directly from Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki (High Dimensional Space) where can be connected by Maaya’s antenna with more than ordinary effort of improving my antenna for over 20 years.


I hope you on this planet will have higher consciousness, grasp the principle of the universe thorough your real experience and realize your greatest life on this planet.

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