I have undergone Mikobyo(Sharman sickness) more than 20 years and I have the non-earthling-ish temperament very much? Also, I am what we call wanderer-ish and queer non-earthling-ish? My remarks from my mouth is far away from “this planet’s common sense”, so I pay attention to my words.

My main feature since I was a girl is to perceive various HADO, energy, vibration, frequency, etc. In this planet’s words, it can be described super-empath and super-telepath.

My sensor perceives: Almost all kinds of ghosts. Surely, people’s notion, feeling energy, energy from family line, ground/house energy, which XX religion is, which spiritual group is, which healing is, and what word it is in.

I can sense and determine it by the quality of energy and frequency I perceive.

Body (three-dimensional world) is connected to information, energy, and subtle world (multi-dimension).   Also, the scope of perception is depend on how much great your sensor is.

Therefore, Maaya is not a mystic/medium who can contact only dead people, and not a spiritual person who see aura, a resident in fantasy who says angel, fairy, etc. Surly, I am not a founder chosen and used by harsh and strict old xx religious.

Rather than those kind of frequency above, my sensor is talented in catching higher dimensional energy, frequency and vibration (I have analyzed myself for long time, and I think I can describe my sensor like that)

We have secret session in Maaya Village. Sometimes, I deal with client who is in very bad situation connecting Japanese SHINKAI ( SHIN world): Actually the frequency of SHNKAI is too harsh to stand for your brain as a receiver. You may not understand how harsh and hard it is…but this is really something.)

Well, I experienced various things in sessions, but if I describe more than that, you may think I am crazy and insane, so I will stop writing 😉

Anyway, in conclusion, I am the person who daily perceive invisible information of people and object directly and indirectly, and telepathically catch various things of people who is far away through internet and e-mail. It means I can read the information by the energy, vibration and frequency I receive.

With what feeling and thought she/he wrote the letter, if he/she is interfered with ghost, what she/he is interfered with something energy and entity and if he/she has too much minus energy… I can grasp these.

Now, going back to my childhood and let me describe “myself” please.

It was a cold night in winter. When I was 10 years old and alone warming myself in the Japanese Kotatsu, it happened in a sudden manner.

I found out myself that I had broken out of my own self and the world what we call three-dimensional world, and I viewed myself and the world from a distance.

Instantly, I realized that:Things, status and values which people (most of the earthlings) trying to obtain hard in this temporary world, what we call three-dimensional world are false, and we didn’t come to this planet to spend our time (life) for those.

Namely, life from birth to death considered good:which school, company and occupation is better, if she/he comes from a noble family, have to be rich, have to succeed, have to get married and give a birth…etc. is NOT important primarily.

Then, various thoughts flew as if was flashing.

“Who am I? What is my nature?”

“Where I came from and go back? After death, what will current myself I recognize be?”

“What is life? What for is the universe?”

“Who and what for created this splendid system?”

“Why I was born on this earth?”

“What for is this earth life?”

“Why I am existing right now and here?”

When I had sort of magnificent awareness and questions, I was just a 10 years old girl.

As you can imagine, normally 10 years old girl will experience various things with expectation: study, work, relationship, love, marriage, child raising and old life, etc. However, before starting, I realized “everything is fake, it is temporary world and it is not important” at the age of 10!

A girl at 10 had the awareness and questions alone. You can imagine, can’t you? How lonely and isolated I was…

Answers didn’t come up with my head at 10, because I had not acquired enough words and knowledge to think of.

I couldn’t think that somebody around me would answer my questions. Somehow, I knew nobody would provide me answer…

Child as I was, I blamed myself as “I was strange. I was insane” many times.

Teachers and grown-ups including my parents were living and working frantically in this three-dimensional world without a single doubt, so I could not ask them for answers…

“You are so lucky and I am jealous. I would like to fall asleep gain…I would like to spend in this three dimensional world with my eyes closed”

“How comfortable it could have been if I could spend life with my eyes closed”, I thought of it in my youth.

In the first place, life on this earth is illusion, and it is just emotional reactions; anger, fear, joy and sorrow, by intracerebral chemical substances and electric signals.

I wondered “though it is just illusion, did we come to this planet to do these reaction? and why?”.

So, the lines in “Matrix” is very impressive for me.

You know… I know this steak doesn’t exist.

I know that when I put it in my mouth…

The Matrix is telling my brain that it is…

…juicy…and delicious.

After nine years…you know what I realize?

Ignorance is bliss.



What is “real”?

How do you define “real”?

If you’re talking about what you can feel…

…what you can smell, taste and see…

…then “real” is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.


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  1. Ellen Antill

    Thanks so much, Maaya, for stopping by my blog site. You “liked” one of my posts previously and I tried to respond to you at that point but couldn’t see how to leave a comment on your site . . . so I’m glad I can write you a note today. I wish you abundant wellness and encouragement as you influence our world with light and joy and peace.

    • Chiaki Post author

      Dear Ellen,

      Thanks to you, Ellen
      I will pass your message to Maaya.
      I am really pleased that you sent me the message.
      ( I will check my site why you couldn’t leave message)
      I like reading your site 🙂
      Once again, thank you for your gentle message.

      Have a magical weekend!!

      Warm regards,


  2. Jonathan Colter

    Although you discuss abilities that far exceed my understanding, I am glad they provide abilities to brighten our world. Anyone or anything that adds positive energy to a planet filled with anger and deceit, is a component I want part of my life. I wish you happiness and success always.


  3. Lynn

    hi nice blog! we are friends on twitter so I thought I would stop by!

  4. thiaBasilia

    Why did you like the post? Did you perceive this power of love from high that the post proclaims. I wonder. 🙂

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