Why and how Maaya Village started the current activities as “Reserch Institute for Energy Problem”.

Actually, it is very difficult to categorize MV, because MV’s stance is fully different from other groups, but let me please describe MV which has worked out “energy troubles” one after another by results of our investigation.

Let me introduce what made us start the currents activities as Institute of Energy Issue and the story of Maaya’s life so far.

Maaya has had a VERY SENSITIVE constitution since I was a little girl. It might be the reason that my sensory organs other than 5 senses were so sharp that I perceived sharply more than what normal people perceive through 5 senses.  I perceived what people don’t perceive normally, so I had been sick often. It was hard and harsh and I could barely live at that time. Looking back now, my condition is looks “Mikobyo” (ref: Mikobyo)

What I did first since I found out that I was different from others:

As you can guess, I went to hospitals. I went there for examination and treatment, thinking “it is due to my weak body”. However, the examination results always said my body is normal. They couldn’t see any particular abnormalities, so I could not be regard even as an object of the treatment. Therefore, I tried chiropractic, finger-pressure therapy, and treatment based on oriental medicine, etc. I tried all the methods and treatments being thought as good for health one after another.  At the same time, I leaned the world of Feng Shui and physiognomy of a house, because my physical condition and face changes according to my place I live, locations and buildings I visit.   Around this time, I started to notice that “the change of my physical condition is not from myself. It seems that something other than me (other’s notion, energy, and something ghost?) is interfering with me”. I tried every possible means, Western, Indian, Japanese, dates from ancient times, based on state-of-the-art technology and so on, but my symptoms were not solved at all. Though my physical condition was getting worse as it was almost impossible for me to work and spending daily life, the disease was not yet located. I thought that I would rather die than live and suffer like this. Finally, I started to seek “the causes and cures” by myself in earnest.

Meanwhile, I met Shin to be my husband. Working with our feet on the ground, we both had the same values and background, as we grew up wondering “why people are born”, and we got married. He has experience of pursuing and training of invisible world. However, according to him, thorough the experiences, he perceived that those people who were infatuated with the spiritual world had ugly minds full of frauds contrary to their words, and never, ever such a world. However, he met Maaya and his mind was captured by her: “She is something. She is telling the truth. She is not playing in spiritual world, and she is confronting her harsh life”. Then, he started to spend life me. Starting life with Maaya, he saw my harsh situations everywhere and decided to fight against, research, investigate and find ways out together. Thus, my solo study and investigation started to be worked by Maaya and Shin.

It is the beginning of Maaya Village. Upon first sight, we may look like a couple devoted to spiritual world. However, our research is not a spiritual as a fashion, and it is a do-or die investigation for us to change my symptoms in this world.

With the results, “WHOLE PICTURE” of the structure of the universe and a three-dimensional physical world revealed. Gradually, I grasped the reasonable theory and regularity of “the visible world” and “the invisible world” behind the visible world clearly.

Thus, MV’s the greatest and original “wisdom” we deliver in current TERAKOYA  and our original various theories were built. We have many MV theories, and all the theories have universality, invariance and unbiasedness. These features prove that MV’s wisdom and theories are almighty.

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