『Ku Healing』~Supplement for your soul~


Esthetic and dietary supplement for health, anti-ageing and beauty are fine,

but how about high dimensional care for your further happy nature?

How about arrange your frequency, taking high dimensional frequency three times a month as you take supplements?

Your thinking pattern, brain, mind, health and finance shall get better, and incidents, people, heavy ghost and notion around you will change as well.

Let’s take the “Remote Healing” with your family and have happy, blight and rich life!

< What Ku Healing is>
All visible phenomenon is composed of “INFORMATION” can’t been seen.
Namely, your presence, family and personal karma, the cause of lacking of mental stability and poor health, harm by incorporeal being, heavy space of the location and building, and your poor situation…are “INFORMATION” and these are the cause.
When you have trouble in your daily life, you may try to change only the visible phenomenon hard from the angle of the same level of the cause.

However, nothing change.
“Remote Healing” shall change the “INFORMATION” from the level of high dimensional world.

It shall change from negative “information” to desirable “information”.
Then, all the visible phenomenon in this three-dimensional world will change better.

Furthermore, it is subjected to evolve earthlings’ consciousness level to extraterrestrial being’s,

so your own “ Consciousness”, “Emotion”, “Trauma”, “Hado ( wave motion)”, “Sensitivity”, “Intuition”, “Brain”, “Physical condition” and “Finance” etc. will be arranged well and bloom.
In this way, if individual evolves high dimensionally, then the entire earth evolves high dimensionally.
Accordingly, it will influence on high dimensional entities in the universe and the whole universe as well.
Please fill yourself with happy frequency the first, then, family as well.

Then, when happy frequency flows over from yourself, people around you will be affected well.

I hope you will be a nice person from the point of high dimensional universe.
I hope your vibration and frequency will be adjusted easily to the high dimensional universe♪

◆Expected effects
1. Activation of pineal
・ Grasping high dimensional wisdom, information and energy instantly
・ Activation of spiritual ability, mysterious power and etc. as you will overcome your conventional barrier by far.
・ Activation of super intuitive perception (intuition, perception, transmission <telepathy> and so on.

2. Awakening of your soul
・ You will be aware of your soul, and be able to live your driven by your soul.

If your soul drive your life, you will enjoy your life naturally and freely without worrying about society’s value and the public view.

3. Change of your physical frequency.
・ When your physical condition is not good, your frequency is low, therefore, if you keep your frequency high, you will be free of illness and poor health.

4. Improvement of heavy emotion and notion pattern

5. Improvement of pipeline of your energy and KI (Qi)
・As your heavy feeling, stubborn thought with lots of restrictions, limited notion, block of mind and body and clogging of chakra contacts the high dimensional vibration, the pipeline of your energy and KI (QI) will get better.

6. Change of your consciousness level
・KI( Qi) and energy flows from top to bottom. While being in the high dimensional frequency and vibration, naturally your frequency and vibration will change better. Then, your current consciousness change to new consciousness and your space you live shall change to high dimensional space. These changes happen suddenly.

Please don’t worry, even you are in pain and heavy now. A 180-degree turn can occur in life suddenly.

◆Recommended to people;
・ Having tough days
・ Who bear serious responsibility like a manager or who run a business, etc.
・ Knowledge worker, who needs more acute intellect.
・ Who crave significant growth, evolution, development or prosperous business.
・ Who would like to live surrounded by energy of High Dimensional Healing.
・ Who would like to break out your shell and meet new yourself.
・ Who would like to enhance your life and take further richness, peace and lightness into your life
・ Who would like to raise the level of your life ( relationship, money, living stage)
・ Who are in heavy energy and your every act and thought does not work well
・ Who are depressed, uneasy, scared, worried and negative due to YOUR heavy feeling and thought, and who hate gloomy yourself.
・ Who are extremely scared to do newly, jumping in new world.
・ Who are always in bad condition physically.
・ Who can’t obtain Maaya Village effect easily

Who isn’t easy to feel energy…
1) As in KI (Qi) world, there are two types: Ki flows well/ not flows well. Also, in case of your blockage is big, firm and deep, flow of Ki may not move well and it may make you hard to sense it.
2) Who don’t know how to get the energy and who only always send out your energy, is always luck of energy. In that case, Hado energy of MV goods supply only your energy shortage.

It may be difficult for those people to sense bodily “Remote Force Healing”, but no worry! Your unconsciousness receive the GIFT. If you take it constantly, your flow will get better and your energy will be filled, and accordingly you will realize the effect of Maaya Village goods.


The day of the healing:
No difference in effect, but we will recommend you to be conscious at the healing time shall be the training of sensing Hado and energy.
More effective way:
To get the “Three Times A Month” course more than 3 months.
In brain science and psychology, it is said that it will take about three months to stabilize your new self since you start something new. Three months later, if something good happens, taking healing one or two times a month is fine, but you would like to take the healing continually as you take good water or supplement every day. Even you don’t feel bodily, you shall find out your marvelous transformation one year later.

**Please note**
1. Maaya Village’s session and healing are not medical practices. Please take the healing after understanding cleansing reaction and risk. Currently if you are taking medicine, going hospital, please order the healing on your own responsibility.
2. The way you feel and perceive, effect and the frequency of effect of Maaya Village session and healing are different from person to person. We can’t refund the fee and can’t accept objections because of the reason you didn’t feel effect, etc.
3. Due to nature of Maaya Village’s session and healing, this service is non-refundable.