Shift yourself to high dimensional consciousness,and let’s understand that “I AM THE CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE”!


“Treat your consciousness as a tool” and let’s acquire the art of controlling the reality by yourself!


You can take the first step to high dimensional consciousness only if you master controlling the reality using the tool.


♦  We kindly ask you to refrain from consulting personal matter by email, comment and message.

♦  Personal inquiry will be accepted in “face-to-face counseling”

♦  Thank you for reading my blog deeply, but it is difficult for me to reply to you politely, kindly due to too many emails and comments.

♦  I go through every email, but please accept that I may not reply to the email which I don’t need to reply. Thank you for your understanding.

♦  Maaya perceives Hado (wave motion)and energy, so it may take time to reply to the inquiry about Maaya Village product from person who have too much heavy energy; Karma, worlds, ghost, your own notion, Hado. Thank you for your understanding.

♦  Please consult a doctor if you are with mental or physical disabilities. Maaya is not a doctor, so is not a position to answer. Also, I would like to avoid unnecessary consumption of my energy and mental resource, and would like to use them for the original activity of Maaya Village, so I take the style. We appreciate your understanding.

Warm regards,


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