The secret of greatest relationship between wife and husband–First, getting out of capitalism world –part 2

Well, she doesn’t know Maaya Village, so I didn’t have a deep conversation with her, so as a married person I advised her that:

“I think it is best that being with a person who has the same values. Don’t you think so?”


Other single assistants strained their ears to our conversation.


One of her acquaintances, he plans events for his girlfriend at the risk of his life….

Preparing a helicopter for her as a surprise…

Booking a restaurant in public now…


           “ There was such a guy around me.

             He was preparing a helicopter or fireworks for his girlfriend…

             Well, if she feels happy, I think that is fine.

             If their values are same, I think no problem…

             (Though, it may cause that “if they go broke, they are unhappy”)


            I feel happy when we are together doing nothing at home

           without spending money.


           Well, one of my acquaintances becomes intoxicated with drinking

           at a bar view from uppermost floor of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

           It’s up to personal value.

          I rather love drinking with my partner at home.”


If I advise you reading this blog….


The tip of maintaining of absolute happy relationship of husband and wife no matter what happens is “getting out of capitalism world” first of all.


However, it seems that you can hardly do it…


Especially for xxx 😥


To be continued

From Maaya’s blog on Oct. 2 2012

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