Topping on pet Ku Healing

Tomorrow is the second “Ku Healing”.
Please look forward to all those who applied. 🙂

Regarding Ku Healing, we got an inquiry. Please refer to the following.

Topping on pet Ku Healing

Regarding “Topping Beauty & Health for Three Times A Month Ku Healing”, can I apply it for pet’s Ku Healing ?

Of course it is OK!

Like a human being, pets are the same:

  • Worse body part in nature
  • Overlapping age causes various parts to weaken

Toppings is not only for humans.

Please give your dog “Beauty & Health” topping.

I wonder what you would like to add to your pet.

“Exorcism evil” is also likely to be good.

Anyway any topping is OK for a pet as well as a human.

From Maaya’s JP blog on September 12. 2017

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