Ku (空) Healing will be available from September to overseas

Maaya Village is exploring the invisible world (The Universe) such as energy world, information world and dimension world, and transforms what Maaya Village understood well and provide it to you.

One of those is “Ku(空) Healing”


We live being influenced by the invisible things such as consciousness, energy, information, vibration, frequency, elementary particles. Also, things including human beings let out particular energy, frequency and vibration.

When the energy, frequency and vibration one omit is strange, distortions occur in one’s reality.


“Do” of a musical scale is only “Do” (vibration).
If you give off “Do” sound, it will show up in front of you (your reality)

Like that, the vibration you create will determine you reality.

“The quality you omit determines the quality of your life” and “The quality you omit determines things and life you attract”…
It’s truly simple structure. This is the (invisible) system and structure of the universe and the truth of the universe.


Therefore, if one’s reality is strange, it means the information (energy, vibration and frequency) one give out is strange surely.
All the things happen to one such as events and people one meet, physical condition, mental condition, feelings, money, job and financial situation are just the consequence of the energy condition and quality one gave out.


If you are wanting the reality of “Mi” (vibration) not “Do”, you have to change the information side you give out. Without doing that, no matter what you attend seminars, change foods or body, train or meditate, only the reality of “Do” (vibration) continues to appear.

Yes, changing one’s information (energy, vibration and frequency) is important, and it is “Ku Healing” to change the information.


BTW, what is “Ku”(空)?

Ku is a place, where is full of energy of creation,  and exists in a higher dimension than one in which there is antagonism and separation such as “善(good)・悪(bad)”, “正(right)・邪(wrong)”,”優(superiority)・劣(inferiority)” and where there is heavy information, such as  “fixed ideas”, “common sense”, “desires”, “ego”, “feelings”. Therefore, energy of Ku is very powerful, and if one use it rightly, one can change human’s real space easily, but it’s not that anybody can do change the real space.

In Japan hundreds of people take the remote healing which uses the energy of Ku every month.

There are differences according to each individual (because things human beings hold are different), but they feel effects and give us messages every month.


Let us introduce some messages.

  • Since I added “beauty” to the remote healing, I realized the improvement of mu sling and smaller face. (Note: In Japan, many women want own face be smaller)
  • My daughter’s strong constipation has been improved.
  • For my expense, money is being saved.
  • Maaya’s remote healing influences to my environment, so I am looking forward the further change.
  • Two days later I took the remote healing adding “Fortune”, the repair fee of my car became one-tenth! This expansion surprised me. It must be the effect of the healing!!!
  • Maaya has the power to change our lives.
  • My shop was dead, but now it is making out very well!
  • I was asked “why your skin is so beautiful?” but I only use standard skin lotion. My skin owes to the remote healing!
  • My eyes are getting wider. Also, my skin got softer and brighter!
  • My eyes grew brighter and my brain works well. I am completely different from myself before taking the remote healing. It is surprising me!
  • My skin became smooth after the remote healing. I believe taking the remote healing is better than going beat salons.
  • Skin disease since my childhood improved!

These are just part of their message, but there is a common.
It is that they continue to take “Ku Healing”. That it.

It is the point. To change one’s vibration and frequency, the operation to fix the condition one piled. After that, eventually one can be in the condition one desire and attract things one hope. It will take time if one’s present condition is too much, but by continuation of the remote healing, they obtain things more than they hope.

Now you understood that I am not telling at random with the messages.

I hope you bask in the pure high dimensional energy of “Ku” every month and solve your own problems. When your conscious dimension, energy and vibration change, the way can open eventually.


I hope this moving experiences in Japan will spread to overseas.


Thank you very much.

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