○○ will infect you by distant healing!?

There are various kinds of healings in the world,  but from the start, do you know “the structure of healings”? Without thinking it, you choose and take healing?

Actually, you receive energy and information which practitioner (healer) holds together.

Have you experienced that after the healing, your physical condition got worse or your luck turned bad?

Without knowing the mechanism, if you choose a healing because it has a long history, it is famous or the healer has an ability, you may go hard.

There are risks that you receive (be infected) bad energy and information the healer has, so you had better choose “healing” carefully.
(We can’t say that good personality/high ability = the healer hold only good energy)


Below is an excerpt from blogs Maaya wrote in 2010.
*She is conversant with the structure of energy, and she does remote healing every 3rd, 13th and 23rd of each month to hundreds people in Japan.

I hope this will help you.


The secret birth story of Maaya’s healing#1 and #2 on Aug. 28. 2010

I am sorry for who love healing world.
To be honest with you, I was not interested in the world because I don’t have good memory of healing.
I also know the structure, so I would like to avoid from being poured energy other than mine and energy of the world others connected paying money…
I can copy the vibration of a world I created to stones, so I can also flow Hado(vibration) to others as a matter of course.

Last night, I flew the energy of the fundamental and main world I created the first to my partner, Shin for a trial.
Speaking of my method, rather than “flow”, I tune to the world, so “principle of synchronism” just works for people close to me.

I put in neither my intention nor my energy.

Yes, when you think you flow the energy, your intention and your own energy easy to go into.
There is a very important matter to create this pure world, connect with it and make the best of use it.
It is “playful mind”. That’s it.

This is very deep story. Healing which needs furrowing your born and using your head fully is unbelievable for me.


BTW, this is about Shin’s friend.
He was fascinated by a healing method introduced to Japan from oversea several years ago and had received the healing for several years.

Later, the teacher who taught the healing method to him became rheumatism, and his friend who got into the method got rheumatism as well. Finally he got rheumatism, too.
Though, at the beginning he was so excited saying “This is great healing!”…

Now you understood the mechanism a little bit, didn’t you?

What did he receive from the teacher who fascinated and taught him the healing method?
What you may infect if you do healing to somebody?

I believe you can imagine easily.

This is not limited to healing, but let me leave out here.


When you understand the structure, your thought on stones and how to choose things may change.

(There are many people who love stone such as Ms. Miranda Kerr and Ms. Katy Perry. Regarding Ms. Miranda Kerr, in Japan it was introduced that she put Reiki energy in her beauty products. Actually it seems that it’s not Reiki energy…. Media is sometimes different between Japan and overseas. I would like to share such things with you as well)

Maaya’ s remote healing will start on September for international customers. ( I have taken the healing every month)


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