Listen to the Voice of Your Body

Thank you for your patient!

Ku Healing will start on September.

So far, hundreds people in Japan take Maaya’s remote Ku Healing on every 3rd, 13th and 23rd .

It’s a previous chance to meet true remote healing.


After Ascension (April 1st and 2nd), how are you doing?

In Japan, Ms. Mao Kobayashi, wife of leading Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo passed away last month. (May her soul rest in peace)

Also, Actress, Ms. Matsui who gained popularity by “improvement one’s fortune by cleaning” is now making a noise in Japan. (It seems that she couldn’t improve her fortune by cleaning)


In Japan, there is a saying “病は気から(Yamai wa kikara)” which is translated in English as “illness that arises from the sickness of the spirit.  Mental stress may cause physical illness.


According to the dictionary, this means that your physical health is influenced by your attitude or how you are thinking.

Actually, Maaya discovered and found out about this and told us in Terakoya(seminar) on July 8th.

I can’t write it in detail here, but what I can say is that “Please take care of your thoughts and consciousness forever. And if necessary, please seek helpto treat it!”

It is Maaya’s Ku Healing which fixes invisible your thought habits and replaces the information and energy you hold.


Below is Maaya’s blog published on January 2017. Please refer to it.

Listen to the Voice of Your Body

Because of home environment when one was child, the position when one was child and the relationship between one and adults, people determine unconsciously

“This is life”

“My character is this”

“People around me think this”

“Money, work and love are these”



Sometimes, it appears as a sign on one’s body.

In the case, you had better to try to find the fundamental cause immediately without overlooking.


When you continue to persist in your brief and misunderstanding strongly without noticing the sigh, further worse physical condition will come to you.


I saw such people.

Therefore, strongly I recommend that you try to find the fundamental cause if you see a sigh.


People who hold various problems inside get injured regularly, make one of organs worse or hold chronic bad parts on their bodies.



My Ku (空) Healing has the effects: let you notice the problems inside, let your suppressed feelings you piled up out, protect your brain, organs and body from your negative feelings.

Please use Ku Healing for it.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 27 2017



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