It’s hard to get information on one’s family-tree #1

I received several requests, and I have their family pedigrees now.

It’s hard to explore the information of the universe based on it.


Because, I connect with the information of heavy family tree which have problems, and I suffer and receive the information.

Being ready for it, I created the g–ve card system to better one’s reality.

When I am not in great shape, sometimes I think it’s too much trouble, and my stomach hurts from seeing the “family pedigrees,” and I think, “Ah I have to explore” 😥


I already dove into several heavy family trees and retrieved the information.

However, writing the explanation for it is also difficult.


Because there are things that need care and concern and I have many things to teach them according to the level of their understanding.

That’s why I ask that when I pass on the information from your family tree and talk to you about it in a session, please take note.

That is the precious information.


(Of course, when I tell the information, I take your understanding and trust relationship into consideration, so sometimes I don’t dare share the information with you)

Later, reconfirming it means that I need to dive in the information of one’s heavy family-tree, and I am bombed again. Also my sensor gets tired, my information gets dirty and consumes my physical condition. Also, sometimes it causes problems to my other activities.


I am sorry.

I have works piled up need some energy, so can I write an email about the card to you in a businesslike manner?


If you have any questions, please send an email to the MV office.

Thank you.

I think there are people who haven’t read the message about the card, so I will add, “To those who would like to set up a card” on the next blog post.

Please expand your consciousness about how hard the work related to family trees is.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 17 2017

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