I am feeling “View I see is different” -1-

Dear Maaya,

 Thank you as always.

Thank you for sending bath salt though you must be busy.

I think you always care details. Seeing your service I would like to grow more and more.

I think I am delivering our consideration rather than goods.

Therefore, I am pleased that you felt something though it’s formless.


I am preparing special bath salt for woman (of course man, too).

Please look forward to it.

Yes, I confine formless things in the salts saying this, that, and the other and produced it.


Story of the bath salt is interesting.

Because of a mistake, it flashed in my head and we created it. 😛 


“View I see is different” written on your blog.

I am on the way, but I feel so.


X years ago, I had rough time that I could make sales I expected in a company I joined after I graduated a university. Just my time and physical power were consumed.

Thinking of it now, I was dependent to many things.


The end of last year, I got a president award for two years in row, and the sales I contracted well over 100 million yen.(about 882,100 USD), and also my team got a award.

In addition to that, I won the number 1 prize in a raffle.

My overtime hours is less than 1/4 and income is double.

Yes, I really jumped into another stage.

MV changed my point of view and dimension.

Thank you so much.

I will take your brain treatment the end of this month, and continue to Remote Force Healing.

I will make effort to be able to do smart act thinking carefully as Maaya, and I believe being able to that will be a return gift to you.


Thank you as always.



I think she thought the company’s work as her life work, and buckled down to work hard, and it produced the great result.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 4 2017

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