New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-13-

Thank you for the gorgeous “MV YAKU-Otoshi”. I am very thankful for that. I went to a public bath and washed and warmed up my body to prepare “MV YAKU-Otoshi”.


I felt that force was springing from my lower abdomen.Also, I had a moment that “black ADM has gone”, and it was 23:50PM.


Next day, I woke up with refreshed feeling which I hadn’t felt for long. I am very glad that I could take precious “MV YAKU-Otoshi”. Once again, thank you very much.


Human beings have various features. Please know your own features which you didn’t know,and use it as a source to look back the past:

Why I didn’t make it well before.

Why I was like that at that time.

Why others had such attitude to me.

You might had blamed what didn’t work well for outside (other than yourself),

but you will notice that actually there were causes inside (within yourself).

That’s the only cause.

All causes are in yourself:

Your current brain condition, physical condition, financial condition, relationship…


Great person in any worlds say something like that:

“When I changed myself, other changed”

This is the structure of the universe. This is the structure which nobody can change, so we have no choice other than live according the structure.

If you can’t look back the past (observing and seeing thorough oneself), you can never ever change at all.

As long as human beings don’t input and output with your inside and outside in well balance,

(↑ Sorry for my sensuous expression. Someday, I will explain it using white board and verbal. It’s a human being’s system which is related to ability to perceive others’ thoughts and 波動(energy) in an instant.)

the human beings’ cognition, social life and work don’t function well.


If you close things within yourself, you can’t take outside information (others’s feelings, surrounding states, characters and numbers, etc) correctly.

Even if you provide information to others from the state, which closed within yourself, you can’t deliver the information to others.

It means you can’t dance with outside (other than yourself. The universe) comfortably and well.

Of course, you can’t do important “observation” and “fine adjustment” which starts from “motivation”.

Therefore, your cognition, your thoughts, your way of life and your life goes largely wrong.

It’s hard to revise things went largely wrong. It takes huge energy and time.


Therefore, if we get older with wrong thoughts and values, it’s difficult to revise ourselves. If you can keep inputting and outputting your inside and outside in well balance, you can correct your course (fine adjustment) right way at the stage, a small warp or when it starts to go wrong. Therefore, we need both powers: looking our inside and observing outside ( other than ourselves)

The content is little off the point from the email from who took YAKU-Otoshi, but perhaps, this is necessary content for the sender of the email and readers of this blog.

May you have an amazing year!


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 10 2017

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  1. youthfoodblog

    Great and inspirational thoughts!

    • Kaoru Post author

      Thank you for visiting this blog.
      I am Japanese, so when it’s hard to understand the blog because of my English, please feel free to contact me.
      Enjoy your day! 🙂

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