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Continued from previous blog.



Notion and thought of who realize own desires one to another by “magic sheet which realized your wish” of happy new year, Lunar New Year and Japanese Tanabata event may be light.


There are many who realize own wishes one to another  soon
when they leave it to energy and structure of realizing desires of宇宙純粋意識領域(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki) 100%.


Anyway, being greedy comes to no good.

Then finding arts of the world which emits the same vibration as the greed and use it.

When you do this, your life becomes heavy and your atmosphere and brain be heavy.


Please remind of enlightenment world I delivered to you in MV the universal 寺子屋(Terakoya)on July 9 2016.


Please try to use get what you want from low dimension and such the way.


You will realize that when your dimension of consciousness gets get higher you get what you want immediately.


Therefore, you don’t become like “Want! Want! Want!” desperately.


Resulted from it, you can spend lightly everyday “I can get what I want easily♪” .


Please pay attention to

what dimension of services (arts, techniques and methods) you use, you ask for professionals or you learn,

and choose it.


You may not be able to see through if you haven’t searched for ling time or you don’t have outstanding ability to sense 波動(Hado, wave motion), but please know that.



I hope you don’t dabble in easily.


I hope you will meet only what leads you too high dimension truly for you and your lively family. 😉 


The end.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 22 2016

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