Facing “Schizoprenia”-8-

I am moderately “nature inclined“. I try not to use unnatural products.


One day, she, who uses insecticides, repellents that smell bad to insects, and other petroleum-based products: toothpaste, face washing agent, shampoo, soap, cosmetic products, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent said that I am also “nature–inclined”.


I meant no harm, but I said:

“But you use many unnatural products. When you sleep you use repellents…I think they have a strong toxicity…”


Then, she said:

“That is… when I was bitten by a mosquito, I understood that the poison of the “mosquito” had passed into my system… since then, I have used repellents”


“What? ( A liquid secreted by a small mosquito had passed into your system and you felt it!?) A mosquito’s poison has passed into your system???”


She started to say strange things.

This sensation is too strange!


I thought so.


At that time I didn’t know about “hallucination induced by visions/dreams”,

so I thought “let’s figure out what the symptom is!” and found out “hallucination of touch” from a book which mentioned schizophrenia in detail.


There are many cases written in the book from people who have complained of the same symptoms.

In society there are illnesses which that are not bodily illnesses, such as schizophrenia, developmental disorders, psycho-physiologic disorders and personality disorders. in the society.

If you observe a person’s behaviors and actions very carefully,
someday all phenomenons will be linked together and lead to an answer.


“Observation power” which doesn’t miss a minute, and

“penetrating insight” which gets the information.


These are my weapon.

My necessary weapon to do high quality work.




I hope specialists and non-specialists improve their “observation power” and “penetrating insight”


When parents have such powers, they can notice their children’s body and mental state and therefore notice slight disorders caused by lack of love, too.


The symptoms and conditions of “schizophrenia” are not everything I wrote/mentioned


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 29 2016



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