Facing “Schiziprenia”-6-

Schizophrenic people have “hallucinations”

Hallucinations vary from person to person.


The most common hallucinations I’ve encountered are:

“They are jealous of me”

“They are speaking ill of me”


“I am being stalked.”

“My phone is being tapped”

“I  am sensing electromagnetic waves and electrical signals

stuff like that.


Besides that, there are “visual hallucinations” as John Forbes Nash, Jr.


She had the following issues:


A voice giving them orders

“Auditory hallucinations”


・Being spoken ill of, being envied

“Delusions of persecution”


・Because of ghost, I got …

(What delusions ?)


・She said: she is 巫女(MIKO, shrine maiden)

My transmigration on the earth is few

“Delusions of grandeur”?


Also, she had “ataxia”(impaired walking)

“I can’t walk on roads, because the roads are shaking (looks like it is shaking)

She said so, and used a bicycle only.


Seems stepping on the pedals made the person fine.


This person could not use cars, taxis, buses, trains and airplanes

so if walking is not okay… only bicycles are are left for transportation. 😥 

(By the way, I heard that there are people who say the scene of town and a part of scene looks turning)


She believed the reason was

“I was told that my transmigration on the earth is just one time, so I am not good at life on the earth”

She had thought so even after a few months since I started to take care of the person.


Every time the person said such strange things

I said to her:

There is a Static organ in brain and a part of brain which controls body movement is not good, so you look like you do and you can’t walk well, perhaps”


Using general knowledge only, I taught her how she was talking about strange things and using strange theories certainly.


Through such ways, I put normal knowledge in her brain and reformed her so she could think with normal knowledge.


I didn’t want to make her brain to be full with strange imaginations.


Yes, I had done “Reform of Brain” for long time.


Of course, after a while since she came to MV, she has fully recovered from “ataxia”(impaired walking).

I cured it completely 😛 


Of course, she became able to ride in vehicles. 😉


Well, other than “ataxia”, she mentioned regarding degustation

To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 26 2016


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