【Remote Brain Treatment】Only three times treatment caused…

From a person who took a MV session (Her daughter took Remote Brain Treatment three times)


“Actually……. Therefore… I didn’t think that only three times treatment could solve her problem!

I will apply for coming Remote Brain Treatment, too…”


“Yes, she had better take the treatment regularly.

Why her problem was solved is…(explanation)”

Because of the problem she had for years, she and her mother had bitter relationship and hard days for years,

But only three Remote Brain Treatment, well, I did something briefly by remote,

then as if by a spell the biggest problem has been solved.


We started Brain Treatment since 2014, and we have a research and track record of two years and our techniques are advancing day by day.


Your, your kid’s, your husband’s, your parents’…brain malfunction, mental, energy is being improved strangely enough…


Every time I hear sort of the story, I am glad to have developed “MV Brain Treatment”.


I have sharp sensor which perceives various energy, and because of that, my own brain was influenced by those things, so I truly know that human beings can be in any condition by “brain”.


Also, “brain” is very sensitive to something like energy and information.


Or perhaps I can say that “Brain” is an organ which senses energy and information, and it’s natural that brain is influenced”.
She was surprised by her daughter’s matter,

but in addition to that, after her session, annoyance in “the area between both shoulder blades”( as I delivered it in Terakokoya, this part senses energy) has gone in a flash:

“Oh my god! I got well completely! I can’ t help wondering these things ( my daughter’s matter, too…). You solved various problems easily in a flash…”



I guess that we view problems of human and human life on the earth from high dimensional world, use system of high dimensional world and engage in your problem who live on the earth, so such a result has been produced.


If you cope with problem of human and life on the earth from the same conscious dimension, you can’t find a solution to the roof of the problem.


Especially when it’s energy and information problem, approach from low dimension doesn’t work at all.


Now US healthcare insurance system is collapsing, so “let’s protect our body, health and life by ourselves!”, preventive medicine is prosperous.

I think Japan is the same, and I hope that you don’t be drug dependence and doctor dependence using healthcare insurance system too much for the problem caused by energy and information and your own consciousness, imagination and bias.


I hope you keep your body, health and life by yourself wisely.


As we, family is, there are many people who don’t use hospital and medicine pay health insurance plentifully in Japan, and the insurance fee lies on such people heavily.


Please view your body from high dimensional point and find solution.
However, I guess that there are many people who deny it persistently saying “can’t feel invisible things!”, so I guess such time won’t come soon.


BUT.. MV will continue to search and provide cutting-edge technique, information and wisdom 5 steps and 10 steps ahead.


I am fine if 50 years later or 100 years later coming generations say “MV had this understanding and technique since that time. It’s something significant”. 😛 


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 27 2016

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