Those who are slave to money ~ honorable poverty idea and greed are the same~2


> [ 132 ] Ms.○○○

Yes, when you start with this blog and take High Dimensional Energy MV holds by “The Source Of The Universal Unlimited Creation”, “Remote Healing” and other MV goods,

> Though it’s only six months, phenomenons and conscious change through MV goods and Remote Healing were awesome.

I am very grateful for this amazing encounter.

Such phenomena occurs.


There are many people who think that things of invisible world should be free of charge or should be honorable poverty, and they live in poverty.


Actually, they are the people “those who are slave to money”.


There is no difference between them and those who are greedy for money.


They are anxious for money at heart, and they think miserable for themselves being not able to get money.

They think they are loser, and from the thought, they just transform their thought to “It’s just money. I don’t need money”.


Their cores of their hearts are the same with those who are slave to money saying ” Money, money, money! Money is everything!”.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 10 2015


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