Those who are slave to money ~ honorable poverty idea and greed are the same~1

I’m not sure what percentage, but there are people who have honorable poverty idea.

Of course, if they live pleasantly with “honorable poverty idea”, it’s fine,

but some of them complain against who run business and merchants.


Well, they have wicked “craving for money” and “money worship” in their deep psyche rather than who are greedy for money.

I have the thought: those who are shouting “I would like to get money!!” are more healthy.


When I replied to a comment in a community of my blog,

I remembered a person and I wrote a message.

Well I think my message may tingle in your ears.

[ 132 ]○○○10/9 15:40
Nice to meet you.

I met Maaya’s blog on last May, and life with “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” (MV main prduct) has started.

Though it’s only six months, phenomenons and conscious change through MV goods and Remote Healing were awesome.

I would like to evolve more with you here.

I am very grateful for this amazing encounter.

Thank you.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 10 2015

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  1. Chris

    Great thought!

  2. Kaoru Post author

    Yes, it is 🙂 Thank you, Chris !

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