Man of future ? –Hado(wave motion) and energy perception–1

As I delivered it in Terakoya[seminar], no one could imagine that Maaya’s ability to perceive Hado (vibes) and energy and sensor accuracy and range, compared with standard human being’s…


It is the easiest to sense Hado(wave motion), energy, feeling and notion from human being in front of you physically.


My another outstanding ability is telepathic powers.

I pick up high band and wide scope which ordinary human beings don’t sense.

Moreover, these are from distance.


“Notion from her or him is coming to me”

“I sense energy directed to Maaya Village”

“Suddenly, I was concerned about Ms. XXX. It smells XX world. Perhaps she started to be involved in XX world…”


Something like that, grasping notion, energy of who isn’t in front of me, and energy of the world the person is connected with accuracy is daily practice.

“Oh…your daily life must be difficult. Isn’t it?”

Yes, you’re right.


Of course, childhood and adolescent , and still now sometime people can’t understand it.

If it is unpleasant frequency band for me, my state, feeling, condition and atmosphere gets a bit strange. Also, who don’t understand such the world (information and energy) misunderstand me I am crazy.

I sense broader wide frequency band and energy earlier than anybody else.

I challenge myself as “sensor for sensing danger” for people around me.

I sense “danger!” and deal with the notion and energy, so no damage or slight damage for people around me as I deal with it in very early stage.

Probably if you leave such energy, it may cause bad luck, mental and physical disorder to you, pets or children or get involved in trouble or accident e.t.c…(Actually it happened )


Therefore, early detection early stage treatment (dealing with) is important in any fields.


The other day, such a thing happened…


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 5 2015

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