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What is your hindrance in your life?

Hello everyone,
How was Ku Healing on September 3?
Next Ku Healing will be held on September 13. You can register from here.

By the way, have your thought of what the obstacles in your life are?

The “obstacles” are in your mind, and they are your way of beliefs and they have penetrated in yourself, so it’s hard to remove them by yourself alone. Trauma is a hindrance in one’s life. In addition to that, whether it will be PTSD or not is up to one. (When one was stabled with a knife, some people think: I am lucky, I escaped death!, and some people will be traumatized by the accident)

I presume you would like to remove hindrances in your life soon and enjoy your life.  I took MV trauma reset session several years ago, and I also continue to take Maaya’s distant healing every month. These are my recommendations. Lately, thinking of my life is 100 years and I am excited about how far I can grow and change.(*^-^*)

Well, this time I chose Maaya’s blog related to Ku Healing and knocks to enjoy life. Please read her blog below.

What to do to enjoy the rest of our lives?  Prioritizing time over money

Hi Maaya, thank you for your distant healing.
I took the healing while I was swamped. I didn’t feel anything special. 
However, I was thinking my wrong beliefs about work.
I have never thought of looking forward to going to work even once in 30 years since I started working. It would be great if my belief about work is removed. I don’ have something I dislike, but it’s just like I go to work for a living and I am not exited at all. I am trying to think let’s absorb what I can learn and find fun at work. However, the idea that I don’t want to go work is fundamental, so everyday is painful.

I wish I could take Ku Healing three times a month(not once a month). I would like to have more money! I want as much money as I want to do. 🙂 
I will apply for the Ku Healing next month, too. Thank you so much.


Actually, these things will be improved if we remove obstacles in your mind thoroughly by “MV Trauma Reset” .

The time is limited, so you had better remove unnecessary beliefs you have created such as: because money is, time is, distant is and family is…. and you had better do self-investment soon.

After all, knowing the law of the universe correctly is the fastest way to richness and happiness.

People will notice that the rest of their lives is a little when they are in their 40s or 50s. Their physical strength and brain power are diminishing in the future.

I hope they repair themselves thoroughly from the fundamentals while they are relatively energetic, and they spend the rest of their lives as if they start all over again the second life.

I am already living now thinking about the immediate death.  There will be things to do, things that are not done yet will be found, and I will think that I have to keep learning so much seriously while I am alive.

Actually, last summer I had an event, and the impression was intensive and it had been in my head.  A feeling came up at every opportunity, so I asked Shin to erase the image. Then, everything changed from that day.

Memories and images have influenced your work, study, money, human and family relationship and marred life in both good and bad. Therefore, if the memories and images in your mind change, your reality will change.

It is the same in interpersonal relationship. Even if the opponent does not change, if the memories or images in yourself change, the impression of the opponent changes.

Suddenly you do not feel anything to the person who you hated, and you feel comfortable to the contrary…

All problems are in your head. “Trauma Reset” is good for big problems.

Things such as family, human relationship, money and married life always comes along with life, so, in order not to waste this valuable life time, it is better to make your thoughts, images and memories healthier and neutral.

From Maaya’s JP blog on April 24 2014