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Tomorrow is the first Ku Healing day for outside of Japan!

Hello everyone,

Popular distant Ku Healing in Japan(repeater rate is about 95%) became available for you outside of Japan, and the first Ku Healing for you is tomorrow!!
(Sunday September, 3 at 9:00PM Japan time//Sunday Sep. 3 at 8:00PM China time//Sunday Sep. 3 at 7:00AM Chicago.// 8:00AM N.Y. //Sunday Sep. 3 at 14:00PM Paris// 13:00PM London//Sunday. Sep. 3 at 17:30PM New Delhi//Sunday Sep.3 at 14:00PM Berlin)

Let’s get out of the misfortune whirlpools by Ku Healing which cleans up unhappy seeds!

Lately, I am accurately aware of “Nothing will start without getting out of the misfortune whirlpools. After getting out of it, our growth as human beings starts”. I have many things I can’t do and issues, but I enjoy baby steps without hurrying. (I am going to live to 100 years! Because I wasted for decades!).  I would like to grow with you, who read this blog.

Well, please read the blog below by Maaya who cleans up unhappy elements.

I will clean up the seeds of suffering, misfortune and poverty!

Recently, my habit is exclusively “Thanks to Maaya” and “It was nice to meet Maaya”.

Before I met Maaya, I had many problems such as family’s disease problem and financial problem and I couldn’t find hope….Now it’s a series of miracles. (^^)

Well, what a delightful word !!
>I have many problems such as family’s sick and financial problem and I couldn’t find hope….now it’s a series of miracles. (^^)


I understand it very well. My life was similar to your life until the first half of my life.  Although among my family I was the only person who suffered from a special gift to perceive energy, my parents and family lines were “miserable” themselves.

Then, I have searched “what should I do to get out of the misfortune whirlpools” from my teens, and it made myself. Meeting with Shin spurred the research.

Then, when I see your great transformation and grateful words, I thank to the difficulty of my past and I understand that’s why I can see your smile. I can see my harsh past differently.

Anyway thank you so much! Your happiness is not such a thing!  Please be pulled into the happy whirlpools saying “Wow!”(゚д゚)!

You have tasted hardship and misfortune adequately. Why don’t you stop?
Still continue to taste hardship and misfortune? Don’t you think that your precious “life time” is wasteful ?

MV’s energy, information, frequency, frequency, wave motion · · · Please take these quickly and return to the original state of yourself.  If you are alive for many years, you will get dirt, dust and unnecessary shells and ego.  They will be seeds of “hardship”, “misfortune”, ” poverty” and “trouble”.

MV may be a vacuum cleaner that cleanses them by high dimensional energy, high dimensional frequency.

Let’s clean up the world of information and enjoy life with a light gate.

From Maaya’s JP blog on February 10 2016