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Your hindrance is your ancestors?

Hello everyone,

In Japan, Obon (Aug.13-16, we visit graves) season has passed.
In your country, do you have a custom; memorial service for one’s ancestors? In Japan, regardless of religion, many people visit family’s grave as an event. (Though, the content varies, and some people do such a service at great cost. Japan doesn’t have a state religion, but most Japanese has an idea: to respect and dedicate to their own ancestors). In some areas, they do “ceremonial bonfire” for ancestors to be able to come and go back from another world to the earth. It’s like Halloween?

Maaya Village’s “service for ancestors” is not religious or regional, and it is universal.
Also, there is no one who are not connected to ancestors, so we are influenced by own ancestors not a little, so let me introduce what for “service for ancestors” is required.

Definition of MV Commemoration for Ancestors (先祖供養 Senzo Kuyo)

MV theory and laws are not part of a world which is old and low-conscious dimensional. Consequently, the concept of an MV commemoration service for one’s ancestors is also quite different.

Most things that you are not good at or that go wrong are a result of your family tree (ancestors), parents and your environment when you were a child.As I mentioned before, ancestors’ experiences and thoughts are scientifically inherited.

Maaya Village is which Maaya unfolded an invisible world, and from the knowledge, “High dimensional Navigation Water “(MV goods) and “MV secret goods” were created. (These goods are available in Japan only)

FYI,  general definition of 先祖供養(service for ancestors):
Dedication for great and precious ancestors who gave us body and family name, and poor ancestors who don’t rest in peace for various reasons and who have stuck to this world and have strong feelings for someone.

The definition of MV service for ancestors:
Cut off and transform unnecessary energy and information in the family tree for ourselves.

Energy and information which your ancestors created and inherited over generations is a huge “rut” and usually you can’t get out of the huge and powerful rut without knowledge and raising your conscious dimension.

MV products to transform a family tree’s energy and information such as “High Dimensional Navigation Water System (for Ancestors )” are meant to help you in this process.
Since I was a little girl I have perceived energy and information of family tree and another world. In addition to that, I discovered 宇宙純粋領域(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki) by my sensor, so I could create a system which transforms navigate energy of one’s ancestors and it is the “High Dimensional Navigation Water System” which uses the system.

Even if one is sensitive to spirits and energy, one can’t create the system with low conscious and without being able to know and view the structure of another world. One can’t control and improve the world such as “family trees” and “spirits of ancestors”

You and your family and descendant can’t change forever if you put the spirits of your ancestors higher than yourself. Please understand it.
This is a structure of energy, information, consciousness and dimension, so it can’t be helped.

There are few those who know the structure truly and manipulate it.

I am glad that those who knew Maaya Village and getting understand it.

Maaya Village will continue to share the structure, knowledge and wisdom of energy, information, consciousness and dimension to you to be able to create your happier life.

From Maaya’s JP blog on August 6. 2014

What do you think of your ancestors? In Asia, many people has a sense of seeing their ancestors higher than themselves.
Anyway, you understood the relationship and influence by ancestors, didn’t you?

We are getting applications of “Ku Healing” held by Maaya, unfolding an invisible world every day.
Why don’t you change your life by “Ku Healing”?