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Warning! Conditions which you are infected with unhappiness

Hi all,

Finally it is about “conditions of being infected with unhappiness” 🙂

Please be careful and read Maaya’s blog below.

Cutting off the source of unhappiness.

This time, some conditions were satisfied and Shin was infected with “black ADM” from Ms. A

According to the information of the universe, when some conditions meet, human beings are infected with “black ADM”.
Basically, after I cut off ADM, ADM won’t stick to the human beings. However, this “black ADM” infects from human being to human being like influenza.

Thinking of the conditions, you have to be careful of your families, friends and old acquaintances.

In short, it infects easily from a person whom you are easily attached.

I cut off ADM from Shin before, and alt month I confirmed he didn’t have ADM which bothered him. However, after Shin contacted with Ms. A, surely black ADM stuck on him.

FYI, how he became after he was infected with black ADM:

  • He was into internet game abnormally
  • He was uptight always
  • He was irritated always
  • Bad physical condition
  • Stomach was not good
  • He was complaining somehow and other
  • He was angry because it’s not easy for him to care for other things
  • He became sensitive to cold and said “it’s cold” often
  • Throat irritation as if his immunity went down
  • He was in condition as if he got cold.

 What do these describe? Yes, these shows A’s conditions.

When “black ADM” sticks to you, you will be unfortunate, unhealthy, no energy, complains a lot, trouble with money, always go wrong somehow and other and unhappy.

In my cutting off ADM session, I explain

“ Those who have black ADM meet unhappy events often. They fail always. They can neither save money nor can continue to work. Also, they are bad physically and mentally. They can’t have good relationship and they will have unlucky life. Their life and themselves will be unstable”

Saying that, instantly I cut off ADM.

Then, their feelings, physical condition and power of fortune improves. Some people will be those who have good luck of draw suddenly. Actually there are many people who are with “black ADM”.


From Maaya’s JP blog on December 28 2016

I guess there are many people who thought: hmm? I may have black ADM!?
Those who are making effort but things don’t improve, may have black ADM.

Are there any other people who found ADM besides Maaya?

Mysterious Maaya who can converse those who are dead, negotiate with ADM and unfold the universe, exists in Japan!

By the way, thank you for the application of “Ku Healing”.