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Warning! Black ADM sticks to you?

Hi all,

Last time you knew what ADM is.

This time, I will introduce what Black ADM (one of ADMs) is, because, according to Maaya, many people are with black ADM. (Rather than that, I heard that when some conditions are satisfied black ADM will stick to you! Actually in the past I had black ADM!(;’∀’))

Please read below carefully.

Cutting off the source of unhappiness

I believe that those who read and listened to Maaya Village know that already:

When you close to those who is down one’s luck, unhealthy, no energy, always complains, is troubled in money, goes wrong somehow and other, and is unhappy, your fortune and energy is sucked up. In other words, this is a phenomenon that one is infected with unhappiness (unhappy germ).

Shin and I have energy of Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki(宇宙純粋領域) and ability to transform energy, so when we meet awful unhappy people, their financial situation improves, their feeling becomes better or the physical condition of their families improves often.

However, when some conditions are satisfied, huge energy is sucked up and we are infected with other’s unhappy germ. It happened to Shin. Let me introduce the story.


Shin’s acquaintance who was at the nadir of adversity. If you know her situation, you would like to say: How did you correct the happiness?” Well, of course it is because there are problems in her how to think and live…

After Shin spent with A, he was exhausted and lost energy. Later, he had been busy and his physical conditions hadn’t been good. Then, he met her again…Since then, he started to have hard days.  His physical condition got worse, facial expression got harsh, has a fit of nerves and irritated always. He has been complaining to TV programs. As I was busy, I thought “He may be tired. He had better get rest”.

However, two days after Shin met her, he thought it’s not just a tiredness.

He asked me: Maaya, can you search me? I wonder if I got something from her”

Maaya: “O.K.!”


“Black ADM sticks to you. Yes, you got it from her”

“I see. I thought so”

Then I cut off the black ADM.

Shin: “I feel so good”

Soon shin returned to usual himself.

From Maaya’s JP blog on December 28 2016

With what conditions does black ADM stick to human beings?

You would like to know, wouldn’t you?

I will let you know in next blog.

BTW, we are getting applications of “Ku Healing” by Maaya who sees unseen ADM and has the art to cut off ADM. Thank you!

You can apply the distant healing on September from here.