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Why ancestors appeal to Maaya. What your ancestors would like to tell you#2

Hi all,

We are receiving distant Ku healing applications for September. Thank you so much.

Now it is Obon season in Japan (August 13-16). Obon is not national holidays, but many Japanese visit their family’s graves. (Though I neither visit family’s graves nor hometown this summer)

Therefore, there are many Japanese who take vacation to go back hometown. Do you have a custom to visit graves in your country?

By the way, it will be a continuation from the previous blog. The warning from the ancestor is the common message for us from our ancestors regardless of religions, races, cultures and customs. I hope you read below carefully.

Warning from a Great-Grandmother in Another World?


After the people involved visited Mr. A, we knew that he had passed away a few days ago.
My premonition turned out to be right.  He was still in his mid-40’s. Of course, he wasn’t sick, and he didn’t have an accident, either. He had gone home alone…

(Everybody dies eventually, so death is not bad. I guess now he is playing in another world)

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you on the earth something important.

Regardless of one’s age, no matter how one learns and no matter how one gets knowledge and wisdom (It’s not that one has knowledge, wisdom, and information on the entire universe. There is an overwhelmingly greater amount of unknowns. If one is a person of good character, they won’t think things like “I’m so great,” “so special,” “I’m the chosen one,” or “I’m a genius.” ), one should always listen to others’ advice and opinions, no matter who they are.

One can do that naturally if one have the sense, “無知の知 (Muchi no Chi in Japanese)”(I know that I don’t know anything)


Lastly, let me tell you one more important thing.
I have a note on which I wrote down every conversation (that I had) with Mr. A’s great-grandmother,and I found a word, “warning” on the note.
The conversations are like:
“(Though I would like to tell him, but), he is the kind of person who doesn’t listen to others, so what should we do?”

After all, they (people in another world) think that if we go on like this, we will came to a place that our ancestors are in.

They don’t want us to come to the same place as they are, so they hope we “fix” and “change” ourselves while we are alive.

(There is no actual heaven and hell in another world.  Consciousness is actually divided through gradation, and I can explain it by using Maaya Village conscious dimension level diagram, but let me close it off here.)

Therefore, because there are few people who can perceive hado(vibration) of the entity in another world and notice and talk with them, they contact me even though their connection with me is not close.

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 28. 2017