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Why ancestors appeal to Maaya. What your ancestors would like to tell you.#1

Hi all,

Thank you very much. We are getting applications of distant Ku healing for September.

In Japan, Obon season has arrived. (August 13-16) (Obon: during this period, it is said that ancestors come back to the earth. Most Japanese visit their own graves and take care of them. It is a traditional Japanese custom. Therefore, today I picked up a blog by Maaya she senses vibrations of dead people, as well. The message is very important for us on the earth.

Please read below thinking of your ancestors.

 Warning? From a great-grandmother in another world.

Shin’s acquaintance is Mr. A.
When I was watching his video my body got heavy, and my stomach stopped as if filled with lead.

We were supposed to go out for dinner, but on the way to a restaurant:

“After all since I watched the video my stomach hasn’t moved at all. I don’t feel like to eating. I received something from the video. I am going to go to dinner, so I will do something about it”.

I was telling Shin about my condition and trying to find out more about it.

After all, it’s all because of the video. Ah, I see. It is his ancestor. The ancestor is his great-grandmother of –side.

I will not be able to have dinner like this, so before going to the restaurant I decided to drop in a cafe and hear about the great-grandmother.

–I talked to Mr. A’s great-grandmother in another world.—

In short, she has something she would like to tell (warning) to Mr. A, who is her descendant.
She is worried about Mr. A.
There are many patterns like this when ancestors contact me.

I told Mr. A’s great-grandmother who resides in another dimension:

“No, I can’t tell that to Mr. A given the relationship between him and Shin. Also, the main barrier to this is Mr. A’s character. In addition to that, I have never met him, so he doesn’t know who I am. As you know, he liven in his own world and won’t listen to others, especially no toe me. If you have something other than that, I can do…. But MV secret goods should be used by your ancestors. I can do other MV goods (High dimensional navigation for ancestor)”

Mr. A’s grandmother: “Then, please do the goods”


Shin told such conversations to Ms. B who knew Mr. A.

Ms. B knows who Maaya is, so Shin can deliver such conversation without reservation.

Ms.B: “Shall I tell it to Mr. A?

Shin: “No. Mr. A is—, and he won’t change himself, so you don’t have to tell him”


This conversations happened on last May.
Then, the beginning of July after two months later the conversations, Shin got a call.

Ms. B: “I can’t reach Mr. A for a few days. Do you know his address? I would like to visit him (because, it may be a matter of life and death)”

The people involved were bustling.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 27. 2017