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There are reasons for poverty, and Growing gap between Rich and Poor-An earth-shattering kaboom!

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By the way, half of 2017 has already passed. Luckily, I am MV staff member and I join 寺子屋(seminar), so I receive information which the world doesn’t know yet earlier. Then,Lately I’ve realized that what I’ve learned has really started to work. In other words, this paradigm shift can’t compared with what has happened on the earth before, so it is causing bigger differences in how we live and work.  As a result, the gap between wealth and poverty is getting wider. You are feeling and seeing it around you, aren’t you?

Nowadays, I’m becoming familiar with the life philosophies and and performances of Akihiro Nihino,西野 亮廣, a comedian and picture book writer. Ten years ago he chose not to sit on “Hinadan”(In Japanese, it means a tiered stand. In Japanese comedian world, semi-regular comedians sit on Hinadan and liven up TV shows , and most comedians dream of the chance to sit on Hinadan to get regular TV show.  Even now he has been slapped down such as he is cheeky, but his works are getting wider including comedian work.

At the moment, his new book which will be on sale on October received 10,000 advance orders already. He also held a personal exhibition in N.Y. by raising money in 2016.


I thought a paradigm shift occurred truly in 2017 and he is Maaya Village side 😆

Like him, Maaya and Shin has 志(kokorozashi in Japanese. Resolution) in their lives and carrying out Maaya Village activity.  Learning from them I got out from slave side (I didn’t thought I had has slave thought), and now I am still correcting my thought by “Remote Ku Healing”. It’s great!

Going back to the previous topic, the cause of the gap is “brain” and “thought” after all.

Below is an excerpt from Maaya’s blog published on October 2015. Please refer to it.

Those who are slaves to money
~ honorable poverty idea and greed are the same~

Money is energy. There are those who circulate and exchange money for higher level of energy, information or wisdom. They acquire those things and transform more and more actually.

Please receive “Remote Ku Healing” and “Energy transcribed MV products” (available in online shop) and “寺子屋(Terakooya) seminar” (in Japan), and change the quality of your life.


There are people who try to better themselves with something free of charge, but actually they won’t change. Looking at the structure of human brain, we know this to be true.You also know this to be true by just watching the people around you.


Those who live in such a way, getting everything for free or a low price, are actually desiring money (actually want money), but they are poor so they criticize money.

In short, there are reasons to be poor, and it’s nobody’s fault..
Moreover, one’s  brain (thought) is the cause.

We are responsible for everything. It’s all our own fault and due to our brain matter.

The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on October 10, 2015