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We can apply for Remote Ku (空) Healing for September from August 1 at 9:00PM TokyoTime

Hi all,

Finally, you can apply for Remote Ku (空) Healing for September from today, August 1 at 9:00PM(Japan Time). Thank you for your patience!

I receive the healing every month. Whether I feel something or not… I say I don’t feel anything. I am insensitive. However, during the healing I lie down and take the healing comfortably.
In my case, I have lower back pain, but after the healing, the pain disappears. My feelings also becomes lighter.

Even if you don’t try to feel something frantically, you receive the effects of the healing. Maaya says that playful mind and being at ease are important. Therefore, please take Remote Ku Healing feeling at ease.

To apply for Remote Ku Healing, please visit our online shop.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Kaoru.

For those who take Remote Ku (空) Healing

I couldn’t have helped but perceiving unseen energy and Hado (vibes) since I was a girl. Also, due to that, my life had been harsh.

I don’t know it may be the reason or not, but many blog readers sympathize with it.

Also many people perceive “Remote Ku Healing”.

However, I am not intended to do Remote Ku Healing” only for you to develop special power or acquire supernatural ability.

I simply do the remote healing for you to live lightly, peacefully, strongly, flexibly, rich and healthily.

Therefore, please don’t mind even you didn’t sense anything.


As I said before again and again, there are many people who entered into an invisible world and seek for only special power or supernatural ability, and cause physical disorder, mental unbalance, depression, deep mistrust of people and poverty and their lives fall apart…Without strong and unshakable backbone, you will only get special power and to be in vain.

Can’t even control your own life, consciousness, feeling and mind, just being able to see or hear something mystic is a question for me, Maaya.

Instead, nothing is better than that.


It is completely different from being high dimensional.
Balancing a visible word and an invisible world is the most important.


Therefore, you don’t have to sense anything.
If you become lighter, peaceful, cheerful and fun, the direction is correct.

Please take the remote healing comfortably, easily and with a sense of fun.

If you are nervous, too much serious or enthusiastic like “I have to sense something!” your frequency will drop.

I do the remote healing with a sense of fun and comfortably.

We can’t handle high dimension with knitted brows and strained nerves 🙂 


I hope you take the remote healing as one of the amusement in the universe.
Eventually, it is the shortcut to high dimension and true wisdom. 😉 

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 6 2013