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What is improvement of 波動[Hado in Japanese, wave motion, vibes]? Karma is mass and energy you have saved and created for a long time…4

Anyway, there are cases that own individual and family tree’s mass and energy(karma) are heavy and big.

(My family trees were so, and I have changed heavy and bad quality mass and energy( karma). Therefore, I produced Kama/Trauma/ Transcending the Past series.)


If such people have “Karma/Trauma/Transcending the past card” suddenly, detox effects are tough sometimes, so I am going to produce “almighty 宙子[SORAKO] card” as you can detox and transform gradually and mildly.


It may be better that at least one month later since you have “all mighty  宙子[SORAKO] card”,
you have each cards:


Jaki[Remove 邪気 in Japanese, evil spirits]



Love and Good relationship…


However, actual state is that if there are 120 million Japanese, there are 120 million state.


The end.


Notification from Maaya Village office.

From September, Remote Ku Healing will be available for those who are outside of Japan, as well! 😀 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 12 2011