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What is improvement of 波動[Hado in Japanese, wave motion, vibes]? Karma is mass and energy you have saved and created for a long time…3

One of my acquaintances is a famous Feng Shui master.

According to her, it is hard to change the life flow whose age is a certain number, so when she receives the sessions, she asks for more money because more methods will be required.


She says “Those who are a certain age are very tough”. 😥 

If Maaya says:

“Heavy and big mass and energy (karma) of people or family tree who have saved and created for long tome are tough ”


However, I said before, it turns better surely.

If you have saved heavy and bad quality things for many years, then on the contrary, you should just start to save light and good quality of things.


I think you understood.


There are things which I haven’t delivered in books and this blog, and I don’t believe that everyone can reach own fundamental causes through the blog and books, so I am thinking of holding a meetup.

(If my time, physical power and energy allows.)


Many people start to notice and grow like a spiral.

Those who met Maaya and Maaya Village, notice one thing. Later, they notice one more…

Like that, by repeating notice, an event which they face fundamental cause occurs.

They notice that no possibility of future themselves playing an active role without facing the fundamental cause.

Human beings’ growth and awareness are reaching to the root as if pealing thin coat of onion.

To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 12 2011