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What is improvement of 波動(Hado in Japanese, wave motion, vibes)? Karma is mass and energy you have saved and created for a long time…1

To whom buy MV Karma, Trauma, Transcend the Past card, and whom recognize that you or your family-line is “heavy”.


“Karma is mass and energy you have saved and created for long time”

This is important.
I have seen many human beings.

Their and their family-tree’s burden and dimension they have are different from person to person.


Then, the most important thing is; Enthusiasm, consciousness and seriousness you turn your life for the better by your consciousness.


Here is three-dimensional earth, and it’s important to continue to act, make efforts over time.
For example, a woman hopes “luck in love”


Regardless her hair is disheveled, always no make-up, no care of fashion, and always no accessory, clothes are always severe, and dark looks and no smile…If she hopes “lucky of love goes up”, she is just a dreamer.


If just getting somebody’s gods or wisdom or going to powerful spots: “As long as I have this, as long as I go…, as long as I do –Master’s feng shui…” and doing nothing by themselves, will produce no effects on the three-dimensional globe or even if it can produce, it’s very slow.


Some produces effects soon. They are related to XXXX or XXX world.

However, if you use the energy and conscious entity, you will have problems later.


After all, it will not rising their lives, some people drop their lives: Though they got money suddenly, but family relation got worse, their physical condition got worse, got vicious drinker, and couldn’t control themselves because an unsettled state of mind.

I think you know very much.
I have observed various people and groups, so I know if they use XX world, they become___, if they use XX god, they become___.

By the way, it’s very important that you continue to act, make efforts and take time by yourself.


Then, sometimes, Maaya Village goods let you detox.
If you feel hard for detox effects by just one card, please wrap it by black paper(any black paper is fine), and utter “please rest for a while” to the card,then, the effect of the card stops.


We have three-dimensional body, so we are influenced by other than invisible things: season, the difference of an atmospheric temperature, air conditioner, cold, drinks, life rhythm, work stress, lack of sleep, relationship stress, anxiety, something related to your age, menstrual cycle.
When you have physical disorder, please don’t forget going to your hospitals, treatment centers or osteopathic clinics.


For example, if your flows of blood and lymph are not good , you will have a headache.

Why the flows go bad? There are too many causes.
Stress, strain, bad dental bite, your usual posture, your posture when you are working, eating habits, even you sweat you don’t drink water, bad circulation by cold by air conditioner, in addition to that, stiffened muscles by lack of exercise…what you hold mentally is too big because of trauma since you’re a boy or girl…


For symptoms from strain, please care yourself by things you can relax a lot.

On the contrary, for symptoms from spiritless, please activate your life by having purposes and enjoying living.


Hado[波動 in Japanese, wave motion, vibes] improvement is the same as body constitution improvement.

Do you know body constitution in oriental medicine?

It changes body constitution over months and years.


We can’t change all karma of our family trees and own soul by just one something.

(Some people can do). After all, it differs largely from person to person.


I don’t mean to recommend my goods, but if you realize you and your family tree are heavy, I hope you lighten yourself and your family trees by “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation[MV main good]” or other goods.


If you read my two books, both of your left brain and consciousness can understand and you can have virtuous circles.

Those who try to understand and change their own life buy the books.
(it’s not available now)


Such people change quickly and can solve big fundamental causes.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 12 2011