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In that case, it is Spirit Medicine, not western medicine?

With this gift (such as medium, psychic and Empath), unique symptoms often occur to me daily.

Sometimes I work confronting energy I sense “Today will be a day I have to work in holiday mode”.


One day I was watching a television picture…then I connected with — of those who passed away in the picture.


Next day…

My body is heavy. Especially a part is heavy!!

I can’t wake up. I will lie down on my bed for a while!


(Ah…last night I was craving for sweets suddenly and I bought many sweets called Daifuku in Japanese. Shin was surprised to see that. Perhaps…I now know why I wanted the sweets…)


I have spent on the earth for decades with this gift, but still I try to consider the symptoms of my body in relation to a “common” and “not mystic” theory


I should do that at first, if not, my head may be like a fluffy spiritual girl”. It’s scary to be a stupid spiritual girl. 😆


I have confronted my poor physical condition( I believed, and I couldn’t share it with my parents) which Eastern Medicine couldn’t improve at all alone since I was a teenager.

*They have passed away without knowing this unique character. Neither my parents nor my relatives know I had been suffered from energy at all.


Of course, I tried to improve my body condition with Western medicine, so I have some knowledge.


Therefore, when I feel:

My body is heavy. Especially a part is heavy!!

I analyze my body:

“In Eastern medicine, it means — qi is not enough”

“Lately I have researched till morning and practiced several big arts in the morning, so I must be exhausted”.


Well, I always think that way, but such analysis always betrays me.


Even though, when my body condition changes I analyze

“My problems is what is called such as “気”(qi), “経路”path,  in Eastern medicine, and “purana”, “Dosha” “Undigested “and OJAS(vital energy)…”

However, after all, it doesn’t improve my body at all.


Finally, it is impossible to improve my body character by Eastern medicine.


I learned: traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, Qigong, massage, chiropractic, aroma, homeopathy, yoga, footbath, salt bath. Also, I set up alkaline ionized water machine (about 250000yen).I switched cosmetics, hair cares and detergents into natural products.I changes what I eat to organic food.

I also did several Japanese old health management methods, Cayce method and somebody’s healing. I believed I have a problem in my mind, and I took several seminars and sessions.

I also did such as fool therapy, Reflexology, Regression therapy, meditation and Ayurveda.*FYI. Some of them led to exacerbation of my symptoms. I tell which they were in MV session. The methods are not good.


Of course, I used Western medicine. I learned it by myself.

Thinking a book and thought “I feel sluggish intensively. This sudden sluggish is perhaps “hypoglycaemia?” I went to a hospital alone when I was a teenager.
However, as I expected, I was normal.


Every time I found out I had no clues, I thought “I have to find out my cause from the beginning again!”


If I have disease name, I can see medicine, or operation to improve my body condition. Also I can see what I have to take care and living method for that.


I thought “Please name me a disease!” many times.

How much did I spent for my physical condition?


I thought I would earn and spend if my physical condition would be cured.

If I am free from living hell by money, if this difficult problem which I would have to hold till die and nobody could solve, I would earn desperately and use it for my cure.



*Other than that, I did service for ancestors (not MV’s) and got advise from mediums. However, it didn’t improve anything. The best solution was connecting with “宇宙純粋意識領域”(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki).

They haven’t connected with it, so they were not be able to solve and right advise to me.


After all, information and energy world can’t be solved by such s Eastern medicine and Naturopathy.


This time, even I approached the problem by Eastern medicine again, it didn’t work out at all, so I thought: “I recognize that this cause is spirits, and I had better deal with it as soon as possible”, and I cope with it.


Then, it is solved as is a fog cleared.

My physical condition becomes perfect!


We should call it “Spirit medicine”, shouldn’t we?


Then, I can’t write in detail, but let me write a little bit.


Common medi—often say “I let a spirit enter Nirvana”

Also, they say they let their brothers enter Nirvana… but I am sorry, the spirits didn’t.


I also searched various things and I found many things.


I hope I can share it with you some day.


Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I deliver and will deliver “true information” which I obtained, dove and connected with the information of universe, energy, and dimension and information world using my body to you.
This is Maaya and Maaya Village


Please look forward to further MV activities.

From Maaya’s JP blog on June 15 2017