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When causes of high dimensional side are fixed, one’s fortune,money and relationship improves #1

This blog is for you:
who have done such things as studies, seminars, self-development, success rules, training, gone to spiritual places, spirituals, 神道(Shinto in Japanese), Esoteric Buddhism, Fortune telling, 易(Eki in Japanese, divination), healings, Numerology, hypnotherapy, Feng-shui, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Onomancy, but always finished with the same result, saying: “My life doesn’t improve at all!”.

This email from a man who did “Cutting- AD-“program to approach problems from high dimensional side: Who can operate the program is only me in the world.

*This program is nowhere to be found without mine. It’s great that MV in Japan can manipulate, isn’t it? Those who can take the program are really lucky. 😉 

Throughout the program, things related to money, job, happiness and unhappiness were arranged.


Dear Maaya and Shin, thank you for the session yesterday.

I was reading your blog from yesterday and thought I’d troubled you very much.

My stomach wasn’t good, but after the session it felt much better.

I listened well to the advice I was given by my grandmother, who loved me very much, and I’ll take care of — for the rest of my life.


I am very glad that I could take the program.

Thank you so much.


“Cutting AD-“program

In the program, I also see which parts of your body have “邪気”(evil spirits) and from which parts of your body are receptive of “邪気”(evil spirits), and if you have them, which parts of your body you have “霊障”(spiritual illness) .

I also often see the disorder parts of your body.

In addition to that.

>Message from my grand mother.


Like that, sometimes I connect with your ancestors who already are dead.

If your ancestor has a message, I will deliver it to you on behalf of your ancestor.

Of course, I do these things remotely.


I clean up causes such as:

One can’t save money, one can’t find a great job, one’s life is unhappy, one always has troubles, one is strange mentally, one’s head is not normal, and one is filled with fear.

After I exterminate the causes related to money, jobs, and happiness/unhappinessthen….


To be continued.

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From Maaya’s JP blog on May 27 2017