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It’s hard to get information on one’s family-tree #2

I know various things: deceased people, 幽界 (Yu Kai in Japanese; one of the worlds where people go when they die/pass-on) 神界(Shin Kai in Japanese, another world) evil spirits, and healings that have gathered public attention.

Also, I know whether the founder of a religion connects 神界 and declares punishment on you or just a business one. Also, I can know the level of consciousness of the founder of XXXX religion.
(If I publish this information I will be killed, so I left it out.)


Also, I understand XX. The consciousness of the XX dimension of is extraordinary!

So, I like XX. XX is pleasant. 😉


Then, I sense various things such as the energy and information of family trees, the information and energy that human beings hold and emit, emotional energy human beings suppress, the wave motion when human beings think and the notion human beings fire (living spirits).

(That’s why I could see backgrounds of the econo— world and the politi– world)

Also, I perceive the information and energy of land and building, and high dimensional fields.
(Earthlings call these fields Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Venus, but I can determine it by the frequency.)


※Therefore, I agree that physicist successful around the world say “there are aliens “

If we deny it, this world and individuals won’t progress.

All earthlings, please cause paradigm shifts.

If you would like to have a low-IQ and one-track mind, earthlings should continue to believe “the Ptolemaic theory”, because it’s another story.


I sense the energy of shrines and temples, as well( I can know whether or not  Ryujin (Dragon God ) is present in shrines, and whether or not this temple or shrine is related to Venus by sensing frequencies.)


In this way, I am true percipient of energy and live in an energy world, so I manipulate energy truly.

Therefore, the MV arrangement of family trees is fully different from a low-level and phony one.


So far, is there anybody including you who changed the quality of your life by the so-called “service for one’s ancestors” ?

There are many people in MV.


Why does the MV arrangement of family tree work?
Because I am a true percipient of energy, a true handler of energy is in touch with the energy and information world.


It is the key that a handler can perceive and manipulate the range, field and dimension of energy and information.


The MV —-the card is which arranges the information and energy of one’s family trees is precious.

It has the approval of our ancestors. 😉 ( (I gave you the details in a seminar.)


The card is advantageous for our ancestors for next ____.

Also, you, ascendant can live your life in your favor without being influenced by “negative information.”, and — after death will be beneficial for you, as well.

Also, if you have kids, you will not need to pass the quality of life such as yours, parents and ancestors on your kids.


In short, your ancestors will be delighted . (I communicated with many ancestors, so it has proven) and you will be elated.
Also your descendant, child will be delighted, as well. Further descendants will be overjoyed.

Such a chain will continue.

Yes, it is the opposite quality of chain of your negative family tree you inherited.

A chain which is happy, wealthy, successful, stable, secure, satisfactory and flourish will start with you.


This post turned into long one.


I will put “To whom would like to set up the card “ on next page and will finish it.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 17 2017