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Please suspect ADHD #2

Recently, I think of people I met when I was not familiar with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Disorder.

“The eyes of the person was sleepy among crowed people. Also, she said she was out of it.

She said she was in panic when she took trains. She was not good at communication.

(Though ADHD may not be the cause of communication skill)

She had ADHD?”


Regarding ADHD, examples in books, webs and TV are:

A character is a boy in elementary school, and he can’t listen to a teacher with concentration in class. He leaves a desk and keeps running around. Also, he leaves a class and lets out a strange noise…


Image like that is strong, so perhaps girls with ADHD, still more adults women with ADHD are apt to be overlooked.


Also, identical person never think of myself has ADHD which is said hyperactivity.


All women with ADHD (which diagnosed or suspected) I looked looks mild-mannered.

Their way of talking and actions are very slow.

I heard that there are some differences between men and women in ADHD

By all accounts, they are not hyperactivity.

However, actually it looks that there is hyperkinesis in their brains,


That will leads to hardness to deal with what’s right in front of their eyes and control of their own emotion.


※Observing the woman I mentioned previously, she was restless always when she needed to listen to for long time. Her brain was panic? Her brain seems excited. Here in body, but no in spirit.

I could see that she wrestled with her inside (The condition of her brain)


I feel brain wave, notion people think in their bran and movement of neuron because I am empath.

Anyway, I noticed the bad condition soon…


Applying it to ADHD, I could understand why she was in the condition clearly.


Please observe people.

You can see various things which it can’t be found by doctor’s 5-10minutes diagnosis.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on April 26 2017