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Please suspect ADHD #1

When we reach the essence of people’s problems by penetrating insight, we can give them right and effective resolution.

*Insight: To see observe things and discern essence or the inmost depth. To see through. “Penetrating human mind” “Penetration Power”

The moment is pure bliss for true professional and true researcher.

*Money-driven people are irresponsible.

If they can get money, it’s fine for them.

They don’t mind their patients or clients’ future, so they varnish over well.

Also, they propose medicines, treatments and resolutions which they can make money more.


Observation, penetration, toughness and enthusiasm are necessary abilities for doctors, healers and counselors.


I have supported and researched human by my observation and penetration power.

That’s why I could advise properly to a woman who had a problem.


I heard that she was out of it in crowded places and couldn’t concentrate on what she should listen to.


Speaking of which, she looks always sleepy and seems she doesn’t listen to others and speaks without thinking of others. Also, she needs to be calm for long, she is restless.
She sticks to things too much, and does too much as she can’t know proper degree.
She can’t see around. She devotes herself into something and finally she depends on the actions.
She always forget something. She doesn’t know the distance with others and how to socialize.
(This problem may not be ADHD only and other causes may be included)
She nearly goes crazy, and she nearly is in panic when she takes trains.
Also, she is not good at dealing with easy characters and numbers.
Sometimes mistakes continue.


If I was not familiar with ADHD, I wouldn’t be able to give proper advice to her.

When she said:

I am out of it in crowded places and I can’t concentrate on what I should listen to.


I thought soon that:

In ADHD brain, the systems are this and that, so they are not good at doing this. That’s why this happens. I see, yes! If so, this method is good for them.

I thought up a way and I advise her to try it.

Soon, she said “Ah, this ways is great!”


I knew about ADHD, so I guess that it beard fruit.


However, rather than that, she had a check-up in a hospital and could accept the feature of own brain.

Therefore, she listened to my advice and could think of trying the way.


Then, she can improve the way to control own brain which is hard to handle and creates painful days.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on April 25 2017