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Interesting experiment by MV goods #5

◆A person who runs an online shop.

Coming back from “Money and Fortune 寺子屋(seminar)”, I found that sales rocked sky-high! It’s not gradually, it is skyrocketing.
I didn’t set up anything, so I was really surprised .

I received large-lot orders…I wonder what happened???


From a wife.

“My husband earned —-yen from his side business (The average income of their 40’s)”

Namely, in addition to his income from his regular work, he earned — yen!”

Of course, he worked hard, but surely it is because of the good effects: She applied remote healing, bought other MV goods and fixed both family-lines without saying anything to her husband. Also, she understood what money is and how to become rich by attending “Money and Wealth Seminar”.
Her husband is receiving positive effects. (w**i theory)


A person whose parents’ home suddenly became prosperous.

“When I was a child my parents had financial problems. We were poor.

Because of that my parents fought often, and it let a wild life. However…I met MV.

Learning various things in your seminars and fixing family-line, my father’s work  started to go well and now he is prosperous!

He has many cars now and enjoy playing golf with my mother even weekday.

When it’s holidays, he takes big families many times a year ( including his kids and their partners and grand- children)”


Other than that, I heard various prosperous stories.

That’s great! 😀

All you have to do is change conscious dimension, energy, thoughts, information and vibration.
Then, you can get out from your past condition including the similar condition of your parents and the family-tree (ancestors). 😉

Please taste the abundance of the earth more and more.

From now on, it will be separated clearly into those who will become poor and those who will become rich even if they were poor in the past.

The difference will be significant, so “now” is important.
“Now” is a fork in the road.

The end.

From Maaya’s JP blog on March 31 2017