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Interesting experiment by MV goods #3

MV波動(Hado, vibes) Goods


①A person who successfully changed exorcising with a bangle.

Thank you.


This time I will order Maaya’s exorcism bangle for XX.

XX moved to an apartment.

Then, on the day XX moved in, XX started to have a headache.

Also, XX said to me that “It’s like the previous apartment..”

I lent my exorcism bangle to XX thinking “Again!?”

XX put it on her head and wore it on her wrist and slept

I heard that when XX woke up, the headache was gone.

XX likes the design and tried to take mine, so I decided to buy a new one for her.


Thank you so much m(_ _)m



☆Which means, it seems that it is not physical cause such as some blood vessel or blood flow.


②A person who sold an apartment.

“Lately I sold an apartment. Before we moved out I purified place using Maaya’s GEP(Ghost Ejector Pro, One of MV goods).
Then, a rich couple who came to see the apartment said “This room is very comfortable” many times, and they left saying “We felt good her somehow” with joy.
Of course, they made a rush decision to move in the apartment.

I was pleased that wonderful couple praised the apartment and started to live there where I liked.”


☆Of course, it is the effect of GEP, but also it is her effect.

If the consciousness and information of the resident is high, energy and vibes they emit is wonderful, it remains in the room.

Then, great influence reaches to new resident.

There are shops which no matter owners change, the shops go into debt .

It is the opposite version.

I think the couple will build wonderful relationship and they will be rich, healthy and happy like her.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on March 31 2017